It is time for some Hope!

In this week’s episode of the Journey of My Mother’s Son podcast, I sit down with Anthony Henderson, South Florida’s biggest Hope Dealer. That’s right, Anthony feels that we have way too many dope dealers in the world, so he has chosen to go out and deal some hope to our society.

Anthony is also a former athlete, coach and a fellow trainer for Positive Coaching Alliance. He is an inspirational speaker by trade and truly lives a LIFE of not just Success but SIGNIFICANCE.  His two mantras or words to live by are “Do what you’re supposed to do when you’re supposed to do it, whether you feel like it or not,” and “Not everyone is going to be GREAT, but everyone can and should get BETTER.”   He is the CIO (Chief Inspiration Officer) at his company Inspiration Station.  His optimistic attitude can be felt in his voice.

We pick up the conversation that I started with Monica Livingston about what we can do to help move the needle forward in regards to our country’s current and jagged past when it comes to race relations.

We peel back another layer of the onion that is systemic racism in America.  As Anthony mentions in the podcast, the thing about peeling an onion is that its going to make us cry sometimes.  We have to be willing to cry, we have to be willing to get a little uncomfortable in these conversations.  We need to talk, listen, and take action in order to support our brothers and sisters of color.

We are both hopeful and optimistic, but also realize that we are in what Anthony is referring to as a “marathon relay.” We’re on the same team, but it’s a long race and we need to know when to hand the baton to someone else so that we can rest for a little while and take care of ourselves.

The links to both the video and audio versions of the podcast are below.  Additionally, please check out the video that Anthony did on his YouTube page immediately following the murder of George Floyd.  He speaks eloquently and compassionately about the racial tensions in our country.