This week we began our new journey.

In this episode of The Journey of My Mother’s Son podcast, I have another chat with my beautiful wife, Sandy about the first few days of our new journey.

Leading up to our departure, it was a crazy, sometimes frustrating two weeks from our original settlement date on our house.  Again, trusting the Lord’s timing isn’t always easy for me.  However, during the extra 10 days that we had in Berks County from our original plan, we were able to spend some extra time with some of our family members.

Another Friday breakfast with my dad, an in person visit with Sandy’s mom, spending a few hours with my Aunt Joan on her 83rd birthday, and time with our kids and grand-kids was precious indeed.

We spent Monday at another daughter’s house in Perry County and early Tuesday morning we embarked on our first journey. We’re a few days in.  On Tuesday, we went down Skyline Drive and 60 miles of the Blue Ridge Parkway into Lynchburg, VA, where we stayed in our first campground.  Day two took us to dinner at Mabry Mill and a night at Fancy Gap Cabins and Campground.  We’ll travel the entire Blue Ridge Parkway from top to bottom on this first leg, taking our time and enjoying the journey.  The destination is now secondary.

It was bittersweet to leave Berks County, but we’re excited to see what the Lord has in store for us on this new adventure.

Below is poem that I came across when I was 17 years old.  I found it along with some other stuff that I was cleaning out when we were emptying the house.  I did not write this, I do not know who did for sure, but I do find it fitting for this moment.




Sometimes it seems I just get to say hello
When suddenly I find myself saying goodbye
Maybe that’s why we should live each day as our last
For today we live, but tomorrow we may die

I hope I brought some smiles
To brighten people’s day
And if I didn’t offend my God
He’ll now clearly point the way

We may forget each other’s name
As tide and time roll on
For tomorrow is upon us
And yesterdays are gone

If we never meet again
This is one thing I’d like to say
I’m very glad I met you
And so glad you passed my way.


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