We’re one step closer to our next chapter, but still trusting God’s timing.

In this episode, Sandy and I talk about continuing to trust God’s timing.  We were supposed to close on our house on Friday, August 14th, but that didn’t happen.  Nothing major for the hold up, just some warranty work that has to be done on our solar panels.  Our buyer’s bank wouldn’t approve their financing without a letter from Tesla informing them that the roof damage that was caused by their original solar panel installation was covered under our warranty, which it was.

We’ve become temporary landlords as we signed a pre-settlement occupancy addendum so that the buyers could still move in and we still moved everything out on Friday as planned.

We’re currently boon docking in our one daughter’s yard.  Sandy is learning how to relax, sleep in a little, and enjoying time with grandchildren.  We still have a few things here that need to be taken care of anyway, which have been easier to do with us still in the area as opposed to had we been on the road already.

The exterior repairs to the roof were completed today, so we should definitely be able to get the house settled this week, and if we don’t, it is what it is.  We’ll just adjust as needed.

Normally, a situation like this would have my anxiety escalating off of the charts, but now, I’m just taking it in stride. The situation is in God’s hands and we’ll start this new journey when the Lord knows that the timing is right.

We’re excited to get started, but not forcing the issue.  We understand that God has a greater plan for us than what we may see today and we have to trust Him and have faith that He is working in the background in order for everything to work out for the best.

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