Sometimes God gives us a big vision, even if we really don’t want it.

In this episode of The Journey of my Mother’s Son podcast, I sit down and talk with Pastor Mike Conner, who along with his wife, Vilma is a co-founder of the Dream Center of Southeast Texas.  The Dream Center is a faith-based recovery facility located in an old juvenile prison Beaumont, Texas.  Mike was involved with the Dream Center of LA and came to Southeastern Texas with a simple plan to start a small ministry with his wife as he prepared for his retirement years.  Little did he know that God had bigger plans for he and Vilma, much bigger.

Those plans included entering into a lease with the county for the old juvenile prison that had been sitting dormant for several years.  The facility has over 10 acres, 13 buildings, and an incredible vision of making an amazing positive impact on the Beaumont community.  Several of the buildings still need a lot of work and investment before they can be used, but Mike’s faith and trust in God to provide is stronger than ever.

The recovery model of the Dream Center can be best described with its mission and vision statements below:


What We Do
The purpose of the Dream Center of SETX is to provide community outreach to individuals by coordinating services and/or referrals that fulfill life’s basic necessities. Thus, motivating those individuals to achieve a more fulfilled standard of living.

This will be accomplished by providing help directly to individuals through, but not limited exclusively, to the following activities;

  • The alleviation of addictions or other life-controlling problems by providing referrals to various treatment protocols (spiritual or otherwise).
  • Support to overcome poverty by providing food, clothing, or referrals to counseling (spiritual or otherwise) and/or shelters.
  • Relief from pain and suffering by providing referrals to counseling (spiritual or otherwise) and/or referrals to medical treatment facilities.


Why We Exist
The Dream Center of SETX is building a community of resilient people whose lives have been changed by a supernatural understanding of God’s love. The transformed lives are more than examples of success…they are living testimonies of a spiritual power that restores broken lives. The men, women and families that are helped will also go on to share that love with others, to pass on the hope they have been given, and to make transformation possible for others.

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