Month: April 2021

Lizze Croft – Through a Child’s Eyes

At 11 years old, she surpasses Ella Witman as the youngest guest that I’ve ever had on the show.

One of the three main locations that we stay at when we come back to visit in Pennsylvania is at Lizze’s parents house.  My daughter, Sherry, and son-in-law, Stephen have a beautiful 3-acre mountain-side property that backs up to the woods.

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Phil & Shar Roos – A Year to Volunteer

Phil and Shar are fellow full-time RVers.  Phil retired from the Navy after a 36-year career. Shar retired from Insurance and Finance. After years of doing humanitarian and volunteer work in their careers, they found themselves unfulfilled in their daily lives.  They wanted to travel, Phil initially wanted to sail across the world by boat, but Shar wasn’t having it.  She bought into the full-time RV concept, but wanted to do it with purpose. One day after work, during a conversation in the pool, Shar said, “Let’s take a year to volunteer,” and the “A Year to Volunteer” project was born.

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Learning to Come to Grips with my Terminal Illness

It’s only human for us to take those things and people that we hold near and dear to us for granted.  Would we approach our moments with those that we love differently if we really considered that the moment that we have with them, right here, right now, is the only moment that we are guaranteed with them?  Would we choose our words more wisely?  Would we hug them a little tighter, a little longer when we say, “So long,” “See you down the road,” or “Good-Bye?” 

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Debi Wade-Scavone – Remember our Roots

In this episode of “The Journey of My Mother’s Son” podcast, I sit down with my cousin, Debi Wade-Scavone.

We talk about our parents and the importance of remembering our roots.

When my Mom was traveling around the country, one of the things that was so important to her was being able to connect with her family and friends.  This is one of the things that Sandy and I have been very fortunate to do so far on our travels.

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