Yesterday was so exciting because it was what I call moving day for us!

Moving days are the days when my mommy and daddy pack all of our stuff up and into our house on wheels and we go to a new place to stay.  Outside of a walking adventure, moving days are one of my most favorite days.  The excitement can be just overwhelming for me sometimes knowing that we’re heading off on a new adventure.

Yesterday was a little different moving day for us though.  We weren’t staying in a regular campground; we were staying at my Aunt Cheryl’s house.  Aunt Cheryl is my mommy’s sister.  I like her. She is nice.  She likes me too.  She pets me and I can tell that she likes me when she pets me.

She lets me come into her house when we stay with her and lets me be in charge.  Most of the time, when we stay with someone in our family, we just park the house on wheels in their yard or driveway and stay in our house on wheels the whole time.  For some reason though, when we go to my Aunt Cheryl’s house, we go inside there.  And when I say go inside, I mean my mommy moves EVERYTHING that we have in the house on wheels into Aunt Cheryl’s house.  I only know this because when we first got to Aunt Cheryl’s house this time, after like the 20th time that my mommy walked back and forth from our house on wheels to Aunt Cheryl’s house carrying stuff, Aunt Cheryl asked my mommy of there was anything else left in the RV.  Daddy just laughed when Aunt Cheryl asked that question.  Daddy knows that it’s best to not comment on that question.

After that, mommy goes out to the house on wheels and cleans it from top to bottom like six times when we’re at Aunt Cheryl’s.  The house on wheels is very clean by the time we leave for our next adventure.

Aunt Cheryl wasn’t home yesterday when we started our new adventure.  She was on her own adventure to North Carolina with her daughter, Rebecca and grandson, Julian.  They didn’t do their adventure in a house on wheels though, their adventure was just in a regular car.  I don’t like regular cars as much as I like our house on wheels.

Me and Lillian when we were little.

Another thing that made yesterday’s moving day different was that I was worried at first because it was just me and daddy who left in the house on wheels.  Mommy left with Stephie and Garrett in her car.  Stephie is mommy and daddy’s one daughter, Stephanie.  I call her Stephie because I can.  Garrett is one of mommy and daddy’s grandsons.  He is Lillian’s brother, she’s the one that I first met when I can home to mommy and daddy.  I talked about her in my first blog thingy, she smelled funny when I first met her, but now she’s bigger than she was when I first came home.  She doesn’t smell funny anymore, well she does smell funny after she comes home from softball or field hockey, but for the most part she smells ok now.

Anyway, I was whining when mommy left with Stephie and Garrett and just me and daddy were in the house on wheels.  Then daddy said to me, “Stop whing ya big baby, she’s going to meet us at Steph’s house.”  Mommy and Stephie, and Garrett were going to a place called Green Dragon to get stuff for the family Easter feast tomorrow.  Mommy was going to get daddy a big soft pretzel from Green Dragon.

All of mommy and daddy’s kids and grandkids are coming to Stephie’s house for Easter tomorrow.  We’re actually having Thanksgiving dinner for Easter tomorrow.  We’re doing that this year because me and mommy and daddy were in Florida at my Aunt Sally’s house for Thanksgiving this past year so none of mommy’s kids or grandkids got to eat her awesome potato filling for Thanksgiving.  My mommy makes the BEST potato filling in the whole wide world.  I can’t have it because there are onions in it, but I still know that it’s the best because all the humans that eat it say that.

The family will get mommy’s potato filling and peanut butter eggs all on the same day this year.  It will be awesome for them, but stink for me because I can’t have either!

Without mommy driving with us, I had to be extra alert on this trip to help daddy.  We always pray before we start a new leg of our journey.  Normally, mommy and daddy hold hands on top of my head and say, “Lord, guide us, bless us, and protect us on this next leg of our journey.”  This time, I had to remind daddy to do that with just me and him and I had to make sure that daddy put his glasses on to drive.  Daddy doesn’t really like wearing his glasses, but he does reluctantly when he drives because it’s easier to drive when he can see things clearly.

Me and daddy had to make a bunch of stops on this leg of the adventure, so it was really exciting.

Daddy and his friend Heather at Crave Café.

Our first stop was just right up the road.  Daddy had to stop at Home Depot to get new blocks for our house on wheels and a shelf so his one storage bin can be organized better.  After that, we went to get gas. Daddy grumbles about the gas prices in Pennsylvania, but mommy got us twenty cents off per gallon of gas because of all of the stuff that she bought from Redner’s while we were at Aunt Cheryl’s house.

After we got gas, my daddy met with his one friend Heather at Crave Café.  Daddy worked with Heather when we lived in Berks County.  Heather is bubbly and always positive and happy.  She owns Do It Local and she is all about helping small local businesses in Berks County.  They met at Crave because it’s a small local business that needs people to help it recover from the pandemic.  Crave is also owned by friends of my mommy and daddy’s.  Sonia and Rosario Marchio own Crave.  They have really good food, although I wouldn’t know firsthand, because my daddy didn’t bring anything out for me, which didn’t make me really happy.  I did get to meet Heather though, so that made me happy.  My mommy and daddy have a lot of friends.

Rosario also built the house that me and my mommy and daddy lived in when we lived in Pennsylvania.  It was a nice house.  My daddy says that Rosario and Sonia and Heather are good people.  I agree with him.

After we left Crave, we had to go to Fisher’s Rental to fill up our propane tank in the house on wheels.  I really liked this stop.  Daddy knows these people as well.  Sloan Fisher is the owner and Ross is his son.  We didn’t see Sloan yesterday, but we did see Ross and a whole bunch of other cool guys.  Me and my daddy had to get out of the house on wheels when they filled our propane tank.  When we got out, everyone was treating me like a rock star!  A bunch of the guys asked my daddy if they could pet me and say hi, and I was just in seventh heaven!  After they filled us up, daddy asked if it was ok for me to go inside with him to pay and they said yes.  It’s a good thing I did because I made everyone inside smile just like I made all of the guys outside smile.  Ross came up a rubbed me and said that he saw my first blog.  After that, the best thing happened!  As we were walking back to the house on wheels, the one guy who I made smile earlier came up to me and gave me some treats!  I was like, “Woof!  Greatest place ever!”

I don’t know if all of those guys were having good days at work before I got there, but I sure do know that they were all having a great day at work after they saw me.  That’s what I do, I help people have a great day.  I am good at doing that.  I make people smile – even Yankees fans.  I didn’t want to leave Fisher’s, it was such a cool place, but we had to start heading to Duncannon.

Before we started to head out to Stephie’s house though, we had to go up to Cabella’s so that daddy could empty our poop tank.  Well, not my poop, mommy and daddy’s.  I poop outside and mommy and daddy clean it up and toss it in the trash.

After Cabella’s, we got on Route 78 to go to Stephie’s house.

The pretzel place at Green Dragon was closed and me and daddy didn’t go past a Wawa, so daddy wasn’t happy that he didn’t get his soft pretzel, but then I told him to stop whining.

When we got to Stephie’s house her husband, Eric was there to meet us and help daddy get us level and set-up.  Lillian came out to say hi to me right away.  We walked around the yard for a little while.  I love Lillian a lot.  Maybe it’s because she was the first grandchild of my mommy and daddy’s that I met.  I like all of the grandchildren and can’t wait to see everyone tomorrow.  It’s supposed to be warmer tomorrow.  It was cold and windy yesterday.  Mommy and daddy had told me that once we started this new journey that we wouldn’t be in cold weather anymore, but that wasn’t true.  It’s been cold lately, but I know that warmer days are ahead.  It’s worth being in the cold for mommy and daddy and me to get to see the people that we’ve been able to see since we’ve been back in Pennsylvania.

Today is supposed to be nice, so for now, I’m going to take a nap and then take my daddy for a walk later when it’s warmer.  Naps and walks keep us healthy.