In this episode of The Journey of my Mother’s Son podcast, I sit down and talk with Phil and Shar Roos from, A Year to Volunteer.

Phil and Shar are fellow full-time RVers.  Phil retired from the Navy after a 36-year career. Shar retired from Insurance and Finance. After years of doing humanitarian and volunteer work in their careers, they found themselves unfulfilled in their daily lives.  They wanted to travel, Phil initially wanted to sail across the world by boat, but Shar wasn’t having it.  She bought into the full-time RV concept, but wanted to do it with purpose. One day after work, during a conversation in the pool, Shar said, “Let’s take a year to volunteer,” and the “A Year to Volunteer” project was born.

They plan to visit and volunteer in each state.  The plan is to volunteer for a total of at least 365 days. They find people, places, charities, cities, and communities that need help.  They then solicit volunteers to give them a hand via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. The projects are not limited to just RVers.  People in each of the respective communities that projects take place in are encouraged to join in as well.

I first started following Phil and Shar back in January when they had commented on one of my Instagram posts after Sandy got a little banged up while we were rescuing a dog that jumped off a dock.  What they were doing immediately resonated with me.  After 30 years in the nonprofit world, encouraging our young players the importance of giving back, and my mother’s influence on my own life which instilled community service in my blood, I definitely wanted to learn more about their project.

Sandy and I are looking forward to being able to help with one of their projects in the future.

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