In this episode of The Journey of my Mother’s Son podcast, I sit down and talk with fellow full-time RVer and Berks County native, April Crossley.

April and I have been friends on Facebook for several years, but have only really started to get to know one another last year when we found out that we were both getting ready to ditch the life that our society says that we should be living.

Within a few months of each other, Sandy and I in August of 2020 and April and her husband, Justin in October of 2020 started off on our new journeys.  We all had an understanding that life needs to be experienced by getting outside and soaking in Vitamin D while making memories that will last a lifetime.  All of the “things” that we end up accumulating over time are really just that, things.  Most of which are really not actually needed.  What is needed for the true human experience is connection.  Connection to others, to nature, and to God.

As April and I prepared for the podcast, we found out that we have much more in common than just being full-time RVers and Berks County natives.  April, like me, became a parent at 16 years old.  She turned her test into a testimony.  Against all odds, and in the face of doubters at every turn of the way, she completed high school, college and had a successful career in healthcare.  In her mid-30’s, she felt unfulfilled and with the experience of flipping a few houses under her belt, she retired from healthcare and launched a successful real estate investment company, Crossley Property Group.

Crossley Property Group is now a multi-million-dollar real estate investment company and April helps others learn how to build wealth through real estate investment.

For April, it’s not just about building generational wealth, it’s about helping others build wealth and get out of a poverty mind-set.

April and I have gone through a mental and spiritual transformation over the past two years that has led each of us onto this journey, I am sure that you will find this conversation interesting.  My hope is that you too, become inspired to start experiencing life, it doesn’t have to by selling everything and living in an RV, although I highly recommend that.  I just pray that you listen to God and find your own way to truly experience life.

Below are the links to both the video and audio only versions of the podcast: