On Friday, our house on wheels was on the move again!

But this was a different kind of moving day than what we normally do.  On Thursday night, mommy and daddy started packing things up in our house on wheels.  Daddy unhooked everything and put our slides in like we going to be moving, but then we didn’t move on Thursday night.  We actually slept inside Aunt Sally and Uncle Randy’s house on Thursday night.  I was a little bit confused because our house on wheels was still in their yard.  Normally, if we sleep in Aunt Sally and Uncle Randy’s house, our house on wheels isn’t in the yard, but this time it still was.  Although, I was confused, I didn’t care too much because I like going inside Aunt Sally and Uncle Randy’s house.  There are always a few little snacks under Uncle Randy’s chair, so I just clean those up for him.

When we first go into their house, I look all around and sniff the entire place to make sure that everything is ok.  It’s always ok, but I still have to just make sure.

When we got up on Friday morning, me and mommy and daddy got into the house on wheels and drove up I-95 to a place called Camping World.  We had to get the last things from our warranty stuff fixed up.  They were doing it while we waited.  It was fun for me because I got to walk around the store with mommy and daddy while we were waiting for the stuff on our house on wheels to get done.

As always, I was the life of the party!  When we first got there, a really nice lady that worked there came up to me and said, “Oh what a beautiful dog!”  I just wagged my tail really hard and let her pet me.  I made her smile too.  Then she asked my daddy if she could give me a treat.  Daddy said, “Yes.”  I said, “Good answer, Daddy!”  She went and got me not one, but two little treats.  I sat like a really good boy to take both of the treats from her.  She even told my daddy how good I sat.  My daddy said, “Yes, he is a really good boy.”

I said, “I know.”

Then she started telling my daddy how her son just had to send his dog to doggy heaven last week and that made her sad.  She said seeing me made her happy though.  Mission accomplished!  I made a person who was sad, happy again!

Then we walked around the store some more and a lot of other people asked my daddy if they could pet me and my daddy let them.  They all smiled after they got done petting me.  What can I say, I just have a knack for making people happy.

After about an hour, our house on wheels was ready to go.  As we were getting ready to leave another girl that was sitting behind the counter asked daddy if she could pet me and give me a treat too.

I was like, “Jackpot!  Three treats and all kinds of people smiling and petting me in one store visit, this must be heaven!”

Daddy said that it was ok again, so I sat down and put my best smile on and she gave me another treat and told my daddy how cute I was.  I never get tired of people telling my mommy and daddy how cute I am.

After we got back in our house on wheels, we drove down I-95 again, but we didn’t go right back to Aunt Sally and Uncle Randy’s house.  Mommy and daddy said that we were taking a little day trip.  I didn’t really know what that meant, but I was with my mommy and daddy, so all was good in my world.

We got off at Malabar Road and daddy was going to stop to see if an old friend of his mommy’s was home, but she wasn’t.  Then we went down US 1 and crossed over to A1A in Wabasso.  I knew this area because my mommy and daddy and me stayed in a campground here back in February.

Me and my mommy hanging out at Sebastian Inlet State Park.

We didn’t stop at that campground again, but we were going to stop at another place that we were at back in January too.  We were going to spend the day at Sebastian Inlet State Park.  I love Sabastian Inlet State Park!  It is a really cool place!  My mommy and daddy really like Sebastian Inlet too.  My daddy used to come here with his mommy when he was a little boy.  His mommy’s ashes were spread in the ocean off of the inlet too.  I think that’s another reason why my daddy likes it there.  He feels close to his mommy when we come to Sebastian Inlet State Park.  My mommy says that she likes it because it’s just so beautiful and peaceful to her.

When we got there, a really nice lady greeted us at the guard shack.  I got up right close to my daddy’s lap so that she could see me.  Once again, she said how beautiful I was!  I mean, you think that it would go to my head how everybody just praises me and tells me how awesome I am all of the time, but it doesn’t (sort of.)

Mommy and daddy parked the house on wheels and I was starting to get so excited because I knew that were going to be walking around the park.  I love walking around the park with my mommy and daddy.

It was really hot out, but we didn’t do a fast walk like we do in the mornings, it was what daddy calls just a stroll.  I like fast walks and I like strolls too, as long as my mommy and daddy are with me.  I like treats and naps too.

This is one of the manatees that we saw at Sebastian Inlet.

Even though it was hot, there was a nice breeze blowing from the water.  We saw several manatees in the inlet.  I wish that I could play with a manatee.  They look like really cool animals.  My mommy and daddy have a manatee on the license plate of our house on wheels.  Mommy and daddy like manatees too.

As we were walking around the park, there was a place where I could walk down into the water.  I did that twice.  Once when we were walking to the end of park and then again when we were walking back to the house on wheels.  I went into the water up to my belly.  It was really nice and cooled me off on a pretty hot day.  I would have loved to go in deeper but mommy and daddy wouldn’t let me because daddy couldn’t get his nice sneakers wet.  I wish that daddy wouldn’t have worn his nice sneakers, that way he could have went in deeper with me too.  That would have been really fun.  Well, maybe next time.

After me and mommy and daddy strolled around the south side of the park, we went back to the house on wheels.  Mommy and daddy ate lunch in the house on wheels and relaxed for a little bit.  I just sat there gazing at them and thanking God for giving me such a wonderful mommy and daddy.  Plus, when I sit there and gaze at them like that when they are eating, they usually give me something to eat as well.  It worked again this time too.

After lunch, we drove across the bridge to the north side of Sebastian Inlet State Park.  Mommy and daddy were going to go swimming in the Indian River Cove.  When daddy was a little boy, he and his mommy would drive down to the cove with their golden retriever, Lady and go swimming there.  They don’t allow dogs on the beach or in the cove anymore, which makes me sad, but I like hearing daddy tell mommy stories of when he was a little boy and he’d come here with his mommy.  Maybe someday, I will be able to go swimming in the cove with daddy too. I sure hope so.

When mommy and daddy went to the cove to go swimming, they put the generator on and turned the a/c on in the house on wheels for me.  They put some music on for me too.  That way I could take a nap while they went swimming.  I don’t know how long they were gone, but it felt like an eternity.  It always feels like an eternity when I’m not with my mommy and daddy.  That’s why I take naps when they’re gone.  I figure if I can’t be with them, then I might as well dream about being with them.  So that’s what I do, I take a nap and dream about being with my mommy and daddy.

They came back after awhile and I greeted them at the door like I always do.  I’m always so happy to see them when they come back!  Seeing my mommy and daddy is one of the highlights of my day!

They smelled like the ocean when they came back, but I didn’t care.  I just loved that they were back with me.  Mommy and daddy told me that they saw a bunch more manatees in the swimming cove.

After they got back from swimming and changed, we started up the house on wheels and drove up A1A into Indiatlantic.  I like when we drive on A1A.  It’s always a really pretty drive.  We drive on different parts of A1A all of the time.  I think that my daddy thinks about his mommy a lot when he drives on A1A because him and his mommy drove on A1A a lot when he was a little boy too.

Once we got to Indiatlantic, I guess my mommy and daddy didn’t get enough time on the beach because we stopped there and they got out and walked along the beach there too.  I ate my supper there, so I was happy too.  After they walked on the beach, they went and got their supper too.  They had pizza at Bizzarro Famous NY Pizza on the beach.  My mommy and daddy really like that place.  We stopped here once before in the house on wheels and they had pizza for lunch there.  They went there with Aunt Sally and Uncle Randy too.  Daddy likes getting his pizza with pepperoni and green olives on it.  Mommy changes what she gets every time that they go there, but daddy is a creature of habit, so he always gets the same thing every time.  My daddy is funny like that.  He’s starting to try new things more and more since we’ve been living in the house on wheels, but change takes time.  He’s still a work in progress, but I love him no matter what.

After we all ate our supper, we drove the house on wheels back to Aunt Sally and Uncle Randy’s house.

After we got the house on wheels all set-up again, we just relaxed for the rest of the night.

It was a great day out and back again for sure!