Month: June 2021

Nine States in Six Days

We hadn’t been in Florida for too long this time, only about a month.  It was enough time for us to get all of our things fixed up on our house on wheels and mommy and daddy got to celebrate birthdays with four cousins.

For the first celebration, it was the biggest one that we went to.  We went down to West Palm Beach to celebrate with my daddy’s cousin, Jim and his daughter, Jen.  A whole bunch of my daddy’s other cousins and family members were there too.  It was Jim’s 60th birthday and his daughter’s 35th birthday.  There were so many people there.  There were even cousins there that my daddy never even met before.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get to meet too many of them because I had to stay in the RV Park, but that’s ok, my mommy and daddy had fun.

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Lillian Lingle – Teamwork and Chemistry

One of the locations that we stay at when we come back to visit in Pennsylvania is at Lillian’s parents’ house in Duncannon.

At 14 years old, Lillian is wise beyond her years.  She is an athlete who currently plays field hockey and softball, and like her grandfather, enjoys writing.

She just came off two great seasons in both field hockey and softball.

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Justin Schenck – The Growth Now Movement

I’ve known Justin for several years now and we’ve really become close over the past three years.  We originally had a few “chance encounters” before being connected by a mutual friend who had recommended that he would be a great asset to the board of the BIG Vision Foundation, which was the nonprofit organization that I had founded and served as its president for just over 30 years before starting this new journey.  Justin still serves on the organizations board today.

During our first meeting, we spent over two hours talking and immediately knew that we had unique connection.  Over the past few years, we have really become close.

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Jeff Potter – World’s Largest Game of Catch

In this episode of The Journey of my Mother’s Son podcast, I sit down and talk with my good friend, Jeff Potter.

This is the second podcast that I’ve done with Jeff.  We’ve known each other for over 12 years now and our common love for baseball, teaching kids life lessons through the game and giving back is what makes us such great friends.

One of the most iconic lines in movie history goes like this, “Hey…Dad, you want to have a catch?”

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Sally King – Always willing to give a Little

When Sandy and I first decided to live in an RV full-time, my Aunt Sally reached out to us and told me that she had full hook-ups for us and we were welcome to stay with her whenever we wanted to.  That eventually turned into us using her address as our official domicile address in the state of Florida.

Now for a few weeks or sometimes even months, we park our RV in her and my Uncle Randy’s yard, plug in and get caught up on things that we need to get taken care of.  While we’re there we spend time with their network of friends, take walks, have dinners together, and play games.

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