A couple of weeks ago, me, and my mommy, and daddy, and Stephie, and Garrett, and Lillian all went to this place called Knoebel’s.

Before we left, I had no idea what a Knoebel’s was, but I was really excited to go because of hearing my mommy and daddy talk about how much they were looking forward to going to this Knoebel’s place.  So, I just knew that it must be a pretty neat place if my mommy and daddy were that excited about it.  I was also really excited about going because I had heard that we were meeting Aunt Cheryl, and Rebecca, and Julian, and Matthew up there.  Then I heard that on one of the days that we were going to be there, that Uncle Donnie, and Aunt Kathy, and Daniel were going to be there too!  I thought to myself, “Wow, how awesome is this going to be!”

We were at Stephie and Eric’s house for a few days before we went to Knoebel’s.  When we started packing up the house on wheels, I started to get a little bit confused because mommy wasn’t with us in the house on wheels.  Then my daddy explained to me that Lillian and Garrett were going to be riding with us in the house on wheels and mommy would be riding with Stephie in her car.  Then I was ok with everything.

The ride was actually quieter than I thought it would be because Lillian and Garrett were playing on their phones the whole time and daddy just had his music playing in the RV.  I was content, I settled in between daddy and Garrett just like I sit in between mommy and daddy when we drive the house on wheels to a new place.

Once we got to this Knoebel’s place, we had to fill up our fresh water tanks and dump our yucky water tanks so that everything was good for us for the four days that we were going to be there.

As soon as we got there, and daddy and Garrett started filling up our tank, Aunt Cheryl, and Matthew, and Rebecca came walking down the hill.  I was in the house on wheels with Lillian yet and didn’t get to say hi to them, but my tail was really wagging because I was so happy to see them!  I knew that they would all be petting me later.

It was really hot when we got there, so daddy told me that I couldn’t go down to the park until the next morning when it was cooler.  Mommy and daddy don’t ever want me to burn my feet walking on hot pavement, so they are always looking out for me with things like that.

Everybody went down to the park after we got set-up, but I stayed back and listened to music in the air conditioning in the house on wheels.  Daddy always puts good music on for me if I have to be alone in the house on wheels.  I usually take a nap when I’m inside in the air conditioning.  When I nap, I dream of my mommy and daddy and all the fun times that we’ve already had as well as all of the neat things that we’re going to do soon.

When everyone got back to the campsite and woke me up from my nap, they all smelled really good.  Daddy smelled like a funnel cake, some of the others smelled like hamburgers.  I could smell it all!  But, can you believe that none of them brought anything back for me!  Daddy didn’t even bring just a couple of funnel cake crumbs to share with me.  I did get a dog treat, but I sure would have preferred to have some funnel cake or hamburger!

That night was like nothing that I had ever experienced in the house on wheels before.  There were so many humans in the house on wheels to sleep, I didn’t know what to do.  Lillian was in the bunk over top of where mommy and daddy sit when we drive the house on wheels.  Stephie and Garrett were in the hallway bunks and mommy and daddy were in their regular bed.  Lillian likes to talk to her friends on Facetime until she falls asleep, but honestly, that didn’t bother me at all.  I sleep pretty well unless I hear another dog near our campsite or a squirrel runs by.  I didn’t think that it would work with all of those humans in the house on wheels, but it really did turn out ok.

The next morning, mommy and daddy and me woke up really early to walk down to the park.  Everyone else in the house on wheels was still sleeping.  I was really excited because everyone was talking about this Knoebel’s place and I really hadn’t seen much of it yet outside of our campsite.  We were walking down and I was pulling daddy along because he just wasn’t moving fast enough for me.  I really wanted to get down there to see what all of the excitement was about.

I loved dipping m y toes in the creek.

On our way down to the park, we stopped at the creek and I dipped my toes into the water.  It was nice and cool and refreshing for me.  I liked it so much that I walked in all the way that my belly got wet too.  I could have stayed in the nice cool water of that creek all day long, but mommy and daddy wanted to show me the rest of the park, so that’s what we did.

When we got down to the park, it was really neat!  It was almost as if mommy and daddy and me had the whole park to ourselves!  There were some nice people working there cleaning everything up and getting it ready for the day.  They were washing things down and picking up trash and bringing more supplies so that all of the people who were going to come to Knoebel’s that day would have a really good time.  A lot of those people wanted to say hi to me and pet me, so of course, I let them.  They would all get really big smiles on their faces while they were petting me.  I was in seventh heaven the whole time.  So many people to have pet me, so little time it seemed.  I would get so happy that my butt was wagging along with my tail.

We walked all around the park; I was sniffing everything.  There were so many really good smells.  I could tell that the people who there the night before ate a whole lot of really yummy food, because I could smell it.

I wasn’t quite tall enough to go on the rides.

I really liked walking all around the park with mommy and daddy.  It was really fun.  I was checking out all of the rides and all of the food stands, but they were all closed.  That was the only thing that made me a little bit sad was that none of the stands were open when we were walking around.  I would have really liked to have had some ice cream and funnel cake, but none of those stands were open yet.

I would have liked to have gone down to the park again when all of the people were there, but mommy and daddy said it was way too hot for me to walk around.  They said that I would burn my paw pads because the pavement was too hot.

Once we were done walking around the park, we went back up to the campsite.  I had to wait an hour after our walk before I could eat my breakfast.  I don’t know why I have to wait so long after I walk to eat.  Mommy says that it is so that I don’t get bloat, I don’t know what that is, but mommy and daddy just want me to be safe.  Mommy and daddy can eat as soon as we’re done walking, so that doesn’t make sense to me.  I have to sit there and watch them eat and I can’t eat.  I start drooling and then mommy wants to say that’s gross, but I just get so hungry when I have to watch them eat and I have to wait.

The other really neat thing that happened on Tuesday was Uncle Donnie, and Aunt Kathy, and Daniel all came up to spend the day at Knoebel’s with us too.  That was really fun!  I got say to say hi to Uncle Donnie again and he still tried to act like a tough guy, but then he did go ahead and pet me.  He loves me so much.

After all of the humans went down to the park to eat all of that good food again and I was done taking my nap, they all came up to our campsite.  Aunt Cheryl, and Matthew, and Rebecca, and Julian all came up to our site along with Uncle Donnie, Aunt Kathy, and Daniel.  It was like a big party at our campsite.

Garrett is a boy scout, so even though it was still really hot out, he built a campfire so that the humans could eat smores and mountain pies.  I can’t have smores because they have chocolate in them, but I sure can have just plain graham crackers, and oh boy, do I ever love just plain graham crackers.  They are so delicious!  I ate a lot of just plain graham crackers that night.

Wednesday, we did the same routine in the morning, but it was just me and daddy to start.  I dipped my toes in the creek again and then I was off to see how many people I could make smile.  Daddy was making me sit like a good boy for all kinds of pictures that he was going to post on Facebook.  Of course, I hammed it up good for him.  I must admit, that I am pretty cute and take a good picture.  I am a good boy.

Boy, oh boy, I really wanted some ice cream!

After a little bit, mommy and Aunt Cheryl and Rebecca walked down too.  They went to the place to buy breakfast.  I wasn’t allowed under the pavilion, but daddy and I could sit at a table with an umbrella right outside of the pavilion.  Mommy and daddy got bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches.  This time they shared some with me.  That made me really happy.  There was also a little boy at the table next to us and he asked daddy if he could give me a piece of his bacon.  When I heard him ask daddy, I looked at daddy and said, “You better say, ‘yes’ daddy!”

Daddy did say yes, I have him trained pretty well.  I sat really good for the little boy and he gave me a piece of his bacon.  I love bacon.  I don’t know what that boy’s name was, but I love him too!  As a matter of fact, if you give me food, I will probably love you as well.

I got another nice nap in the air conditioning and we had another campfire that night.  There weren’t as many humans up with us this time, but it was still pretty fun.

Thursday was our last day, that made me sad.  When we woke up, it was raining, so I didn’t get a chance to go down to the park.  We just started putting our stuff away and getting ready to leave.

Daddy doesn’t like packing up in the rain, but he kept saying to mommy, “At least we’re not in tents like Cheryl and the kids.”

Mommy rode back with Stephie again and Lillian and Garrett rode with me and daddy in the house on wheels.  Lillian and I slept, Garrett played games on his phone and daddy listened to his music again.

By the time that we got back to Stephie and Eric’s house, the rain stopped.  That made me happy because daddy could set-up the house on wheels with the sun shining.

Daddy gets a little grumpy when he has to setup or tear down when it’s raining, so I like when the sun is shining for him too.

I loved this Knoebel’s place so much and so did mommy and daddy, because they are going to take me back there again next year!