Month: September 2021

Well, Hello There, Pacific Ocean!

We had finally made it!  Me and mommy and daddy made our zig-zag trek across the country and we’re standing at the top of the hill at the end of Ron’s trail glaring at the Pacific Ocean.  This pup was completely in awe!  It was even bigger than what I had imagined and the waves were just crashing down one after another making a thunderous sound as they cascaded into the sandy beach.

All that I could think of is that I was one lucky puppy.

There were times on this journey out west that I was beginning to wonder if we’d ever get to see the Pacific Ocean.  Daddy just seemed to keep making more and more stops along the way.  Although, I must admit, every one of those stops was pretty amazing in their own right.

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The Power of a Hand Written Note

When I was in the lumber business, the majority of my customers were first- and second-generation Italians.  They were straight forward no-nonsense business people.  They demanded my best performance, but were very fair.  They weren’t into playing games with pricing.  They wanted me to give them whatever our best and fairest pricing was first, no back and forth, just what was the best that we could offer and then make sure that we delivered on the service end.  That second part was always the most important thing for all of them.  Service, service, service.

If we made a mistake, they didn’t want to hear excuses, they just wanted us to own it and make it right.  It wasn’t the mistake that would potentially cost us future business, it was our reaction or non-reaction to it that would cost us future business.

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Two States twice, One state Thrice

I liked the state park, my daddy and I went for a three-mile walk on the trail loop that was there and it was really pretty.  We went through fields and woods and walked right near the lake.  I wasn’t allowed to go swimming in that lake though because the algae count was too high.  I don’t know what that meant, but I know that my daddy doesn’t ever want me to get sick.

One time when we were at the state park, April and Justin came to our house on wheels and visited me!  I liked them both, other than the fact that they smelled like that Georgia chick.  Although, while they were in my house on wheels, I made sure that I rubbed up against them every chance that I got so that Georgia would smell me when they got back to her!  Two can play that game, girl!

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The Dakotas had some really Bad-Lands!

Fargo is where Yankees great, Roger Maris is from.  My daddy might be a Red Sox fan and he really hates the Yankees, but he respects great players, regardless of who they played for.  They had a neat memorial at the campground that we stayed at in Fargo to honor Roger Maris and my daddy thought that was very cool.

Before we got to Lindenwood Campground, which is where we stayed at in Fargo, we went into downtown Fargo to go to the Fargo Arts Festival.  It was neat, I was allowed to walk around with mommy and daddy.  I did pretty good until I started to see all of the other dogs and then I started barking and daddy said that I was embarrassing him again, so he took me back to the house on wheels and he and mommy finished walking around.  I thought to myself, “Sometimes daddy embarrasses me too, and he doesn’t get sent back to the house on wheels.”

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The Hawkeye State and 10,000 Lakes

From Wisconsin, we went back south into Iowa.  We were kind of doing some zig-zag sort of route on this trip for sure.  I mean we started in Pennsylvania, then we were in West Virginia for just a little bit and then went to Chillicothe, Ohio, and then back up north to Kent State and Cleveland.  After that, we went up into Michigan and down again into Indiana and then we did a little U-shaped thing through Chicago and Rockford, Illinois before heading up north again into Wisconsin.

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