It was windy, but me and mommy were loving the Pacific Ocean.

And there it was in all of its glory, the beautiful Pacific Ocean!

We had finally made it!  Me and mommy and daddy made our zig-zag trek across the country and we’re standing at the top of the hill at the end of Ron’s trail glaring at the Pacific Ocean.  This pup was completely in awe!  It was even bigger than what I had imagined and the waves were just crashing down one after another making a thunderous sound as they cascaded into the sandy beach.

All that I could think of is that I was one lucky puppy.

There were times on this journey out west that I was beginning to wonder if we’d ever get to see the Pacific Ocean.  Daddy just seemed to keep making more and more stops along the way.  Although, I must admit, every one of those stops was pretty amazing in their own right.

Once we crossed the Washington state line, I was really getting excited to see the Pacific Ocean.  We stopped in Spokane so that mommy could go food shopping and daddy called his friend Ron to give him an update as to when we would be getting to his house and when I heard him tell Ron, “We should see you tomorrow afternoon.”  I knew that we were getting close.  I could hardly contain my excitement.

It was daddy’s goal to drive into Tacoma that day, but things didn’t quite work out that way for us.  We were enjoying the journey and even though I was anxious to see the Pacific Ocean, I was happy to see mommy and daddy finally starting to understand the importance of slowing down.

After we were done food shopping, we drove for a couple of hours and stopped at a rest area so that we could all eat supper.  I love eating supper.

They had a dump station at this rest area, so daddy decided to empty just our gray tank and fill up our fresh tank so that he and mommy could get a shower before getting to Ron’s house.  It was starting to rain a little bit, so daddy did get wet while he was doing that, but he didn’t seem to mind.

A little while after we ate supper, there was a really neat pull-off area along the road that allowed us to see the Columbia River.  It was really neat.  There were rocks all around the river and it was just so pretty.  Mommy and daddy were talking to a family there and they said that they hoped to someday live in a house on wheels just like we do.  A lot of people tell mommy and daddy that.  Mommy and daddy always respond with the same answer.  They tell them that they highly recommend doing it and that it has been the best decision that they ever made.

I must admit, I agree with mommy and daddy.  This has been the best decision that they ever made.  Well, other than adopting me, that is.  I mean, I had a great life before we started doing this, but now, I can’t even explain how great of a life this is for me.  There have just been so many amazing experiences for this puppy since we’ve started this journey.  Beautiful places that we’ve seen and awesome people that we’ve met.  I mean do you know how many people I have made smile on this journey just by letting them pet me?  I lost count a long time ago, but it’s been a lot!

It was starting to get dark and we were still about 90 minutes outside of Tacoma and there was rain in the forecast, so daddy told mommy that we were going to shut it down for the night in the next rest area.

We pulled in and I heard mommy and daddy talking about getting showers at night so that we could get up really early again and start driving when the sun came up like we did today.  Then daddy had that silly idea again, that we would get up and start driving right away and not eat breakfast until we got to Tacoma.  I still don’t know why daddy thinks that that is ever a good idea?  When I wake up, I want to eat.  Poop and eat, then do whatever we’re going to do for the day.  But I was overruled again.

We got up before the sun again, daddy took me out to go poop, and then we were on our way.

I was so hungry I thought that my stomach was going to start eating itself!

Finally, we got to Tacoma and stopped to get gas at a Pilot.  Mommy fed me while daddy was getting gas.  Daddy said that it was painful to pay as much as he did for gas.  Daddy seems to be a little obsessed with gas prices, I’m not sure why, but he certainly talks about the price of gas a lot.

After the Pilot, we stopped in Tacoma one more time, at a Home Depot.  Daddy had a couple of projects that he wanted to do on the house on wheels when we got to Ron’s, so we had to stop at the Home Depot to get the supplies for his projects.  Mommy and daddy ate their breakfast at the Home Depot.  I guess that shows how much they love me.  They made sure that I ate at our first stop, but they both didn’t eat until our second stop.  I have such a great mommy and daddy.

The whole drive so far in the state of Washington was absolutely incredible.  It was really pretty.  There were mountains, and rivers, and some of the biggest trees that I had ever seen.  The weather wasn’t great on our drive that day though, it seemed like it would rain for 10 or 15 minutes and then the sun would come out for 10 or 15 minutes and then it would rain again for another 10 or 15 minutes and then the sun would come out again for another 10 or 15 minutes.  It just did that same cycle all the way until we go into Raymond, Washington where we ate lunch.

After we ate, it stopped raining for us.  I think that God knew that me and mommy and daddy needed a walk to stretch our legs, so He stopped the rain right there for us.

Raymond was a neat little town.  They had all kinds of metal sculptures around the town and the park where we stopped to eat lunch had a nice trail and some docks for me to walk around on.

Before we left Raymond, we called Ron again to let him know where we were.  I heard daddy tell him that we were about 90 minutes away and I started to get so excited.

Once we got about 15 minutes from Ron’s house in Long Beach, we made two more stops.  The first was at the Seaside Visitors Center.  Mommy was in there talking to a nice lady and getting all kinds of books and brochures for about 20 minutes.  When mommy came out, she had a big smile on her face and was talking about how nice the lady was inside the Visitors Center.

Our next and final stop was at Sid’s Grocery Store.  Mommy just had to get a few more supplies that she hadn’t picked up the day before so that we had everything that we would need while we were at Ron’s house.

Me and mommy were just soaking in the sun!

I could actually smell the Pacific Ocean while we were waiting for mommy at those two places.  I knew that we were close!

Finally, we headed up the road another couple of miles and turned onto the road that Ron lives on.  Ron had everything ready for us!  He is such a cool guy.  I first met him down in Florida when we were visiting with my daddy’s cousin, Carole.  Ron is Carole’s friend Tim’s Dad.  I knew that he was really cool that first time that I met him.  He knows how to pet a dog!

My paws were finally in the Pacific Ocean!

Once daddy got us leveled and all hooked up with our water and sewer, it was time to walk to the beach to see the Pacific Ocean!  I was so excited!  I think that mommy and daddy were pretty excited too, because we were all walking really fast.  Ron’s house is only a ½ mile from the Pacific Ocean and he has a really neat trail that goes from the end of his street through the woods and onto the beach.

As we came to the end of the trail, I really couldn’t believe my eyes.  I had to bite my paw to make sure that I wasn’t dreaming.  I wasn’t!  We were really there!  We were finally there!  Walking on the beach of the Pacific Ocean.

All three of us went down and dipped our toes in that water.  It was pretty chilly, but I loved being able to say that I finally had my paws in the Pacific Ocean.  A milestone had been achieved!  We made it to the Pacific Ocean and it was even more beautiful than any of us had expected.

Daddy thought that Iowa was heaven, well, I think that Long Beach, Washington was heaven for me!

We were going to be staying at Ron’s house for 12 days.  It’s the longest that we’ve been in one place since mommy and daddy were volunteering in Antigo, Wisconsin for a week.

We put a lot of miles on this leg of the trip and I think that we were all happy to settle down for a little while.  The weather has been great for the most part.  We had a couple days of rain, but the temperatures have been great, which makes mommy really happy.

Me and daddy were able to do a lot of writing since we’ve been here, I guess the ocean air must spark our inspiration and creativity.  I’ve actually wrote more than daddy, but that’s ok.

This is me showing mommy the way to the beach on the trail!

Just about every day, we’ve walked out onto to the beach.  We missed a few days because of rain, but for the most part, we’ve gotten out to the Pacific just about every single day.

I’m at the point where I know exactly how to get to the beach.  Mommy and daddy just follow me down the trail.

Today, we started our trek down to Arizona so that mommy and daddy can volunteer with A Year to Volunteer again.  We’ll go through Oregon, Idaho again and Utah to get there.  Along the way, daddy has it arranged to see a bunch of friends and his cousin, Jim.

I’m going to miss Ron, he is such an awesome guy, but I heard that we’ll see him again when we get to Carole’s house in Florida in January.

We got up early again today, but I did eat breakfast before we started to drive this time.  Thank God I finally convinced daddy that it was a terrible idea to start driving without me eating breakfast.  He’s a slow learner sometimes, but I never give up on him.

Our first stop will be in Portland to get some work done on our house on wheels.

After that, more adventure lies ahead for this pup, and I can’t wait!