Month: October 2021

Isaac Wenrich – Bigger than Baseball

Isaac played for me in the Berkshire Baseball organization when he was 15 and 16 years old.  He spent a total of five years in the Berkshire organization and came back as a guest speaker at the Berkshire Baseball and Softball Awards banquet in 2017.

We talk about his experience in the Berkshire organization and the impact that the organization had on his life both on and off of the baseball field.

One of the best things that Sandy and I have been able to do on this journey is reconnect to old friends and family.  However, when those connections are with my former players, I must admit, they are extremely special for me.

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Utah Sure was Salty and Red

We drove into Ogden, Utah and stayed at another Cracker Barrel.  I heard mommy talking to Aunt Cheryl on the phone the other day, and Aunt Cheryl told mommy that she should order a side order of bacon to go and bring it to me in the house on wheels the next time that we go to a Cracker Barrel.  So, I was really excited that we were at another Cracker Barrel!  That’s why I love Aunt Cheryl so much, she has great ideas!  Did you know that when we go to stay at Aunt Cheryl’s house that she always has a bag of bacon already cooked up just for me?  She keeps it in the refrigerator, so we just need to heat it up (or just eat it cold).  I don’t care either way.   It’s pretty awesome.  I mean she says that it’s for her and mommy and daddy too, but I know that she really does it just for me!  I’ll let mommy and daddy think that it’s for them too, but it will be me and Aunt Cheryl’s little secret that it’s really just for me.

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To Give is to Live

My mom was a giver, so was my dad.  They each gave in their own unique ways.  My mom never had a ton of money, so she gave her time in any way that she could.  My dad was an over-the-road truckdriver, so he, on the other hand never had much time, but was certainly able to donate financially to a cause that he believed in.

Some of my first memories as a child are going along with my mom to deliver Meals on Wheels.  My mom wasn’t one to just deliver a meal and move on to the next stop though.  She delivered a meal and visited with the people that she was delivering them to.  She literally became their friend.  She would sit and talk with them, ask them how they were doing, and most importantly, listened to their answers.  She was ever present with them.

If there was something that she could help with, she was there, without hesitation.  Between her and my dad, I think that is the main reason why as soon as I became an adult, I became heavily involved in volunteerism.  It’s also one of the main reasons why the nonprofit organization that I founded, the BIG Vision Foundation was so committed to getting our young players involved and understanding the importance of giving back.  I was a product of what being involved in volunteerism at a young age could result in.  It was second nature for me to give back.  It was the only thing that I knew.  By instilling that same value into our young players, we would be creating a ripple-effect that could be passed on for generations to come.

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Jeff and Susan Spencer – From NASA to Full-time RVing with a Purpose

Sandy and I met Jeff and Susan while working on our second project for A Year to Volunteer in Picacho Peak State Park in Picacho, Arizona. It was the second project that Sandy and I had volunteered on with Y2V and it was Jeff and Susan’s eleventh project with the organization.
During the conversation, we talk about the importance of giving back and the freedom of living full-time in an RV.

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Jim Wade – Every Trip Has a Story

Sandy and I were able to get into Boise, Idaho and visit with my cousin Jim, his wife Patti, their daughter Jen and her husband Anthony.  It was short visit, but we had a great time catching up and trading stories of our travel adventures.

Jim, like most of us on the Wade side of our family have that wandering travel bug in us.  The root of the word “Wade” meant “to go,” and many of us have taken that to heart.

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