I really loved our time in Long Beach and was sad to leave.  Ron was so cool and the Pacific Ocean was beautiful and fun.

The day that we left Long Beach, it was a little rainy and we left before the sun came up, but I did get to eat breakfast first, which made me happy.

We got to Portland, Oregon to get some things done on our house on wheels just after 9 o’clock in the morning.  They allowed me to wait with mommy and daddy in the waiting room, which I thought was cool.  Everyone who saw me there thought that I was just the cutest thing that they ever did see.  Which, of course, I am.

We waited there a long time.  When mommy and daddy ate lunch, they had to do it separately.  When one went into eat, the other walked me around outside of the restaurant.  I thought that was neat, and it gave me a chance to make a lot of people happy while we were waiting.  Everyone who petted me, ended up getting really big smiles on their faces.

After we waited there just about all day, daddy was a little aggravated because the only thing that they got done on the house on wheels was the oil change.  Now we’re going to have to get the other stuff that had to be done to the house on wheels done somewhere else.  Daddy wasn’t too happy, but he said, “It is what it is.”  Daddy says that sometimes.

After we left Portland, we drove until about 10:00 PM when we got into Bend, Oregon.  Of course, we stayed at a Cracker Barrel there that first night.

When we got up in the morning, mommy was craving an everything bagel, so daddy searched Google to find a bagel place.  When we first went past it, daddy wasn’t sure if we’d fit the house on wheels into the parking lot.  We ended up driving around a little bit and then because daddy loves mommy so much, he said he was determined to get the house on wheels into that parking lot so that mommy could get her everything bagel.  And, he did it!  He maneuvered the house on wheels like a champ and got that baby into that parking lot.  Not only does daddy love mommy so much, he also didn’t want her to get hangry.  Nobody has a good time when mommy gets hangry, that’s all that I have to say about that.

After mommy and daddy got their bagels, which they didn’t share with me, I might add, we went to a place called the Old Mill District.  We were going to meet mommy and daddy’s friend Erin Pappas there and she was going take us on a nice hike around the town of Bend.

As we were going into the parking lot, some nice lady told daddy that he was number one.  Daddy just laughed and said, “Some people just don’t understand the limitations that we have in this thing.”

While we were waiting for Erin, daddy got a phone call from his new agent, Paul Cartwright.  Paul is going to promote daddy to go speak to groups about his book.  I wonder if Paul will get me any speaking engagements after I publish my children’s book.  I’d do it just for treats.

As daddy was finishing up his call with Paul, Erin got there, so that meant that I had her all to myself!  I mean mommy was talking to her too, but Erin sure did know how to pet me!  She smelled like her dog, Roxie, but that was ok, because she was petting me now!

After daddy got off the phone, we got ready for our walk.  It was a beautiful day for a walk.  There was a neat river there and as soon as I saw it, I was like, “I better get to dip my paws in that river!”  The walk started out on a paved walkway and then it turned to dirt and went into the woods.  We crossed some bridges and went up a hill, I loved that walk.  I would go a little crazy when we would pass another dog.  Daddy tells me that I’m embarrassing him, but I really can’t help it.  Other dogs are scary to me.  Buddy and Tucker and Cheyenne didn’t scare me, but these other dogs that I see sure do.  If we saw a dog that wasn’t on a leash, Erin and mommy would go up ahead of me and daddy and tell those people to “leash ‘em up.”  We worked as a good team on that walk.

Finally, after we crossed the first bridge and started on the way back to the house on wheels, there was a spot for me dip my paws in the river.  It was glorious!

Once we got back to the house on wheels, Erin was going to take mommy and daddy to lunch and to see The Last Blockbuster.  I don’t even know what a Blockbuster is, but daddy seemed pretty excited to see this Blockbuster thing.  I know that mommy and daddy watched a Netflix movie about it once, but I fell asleep during the movie, so I didn’t understand what all of the excitement was about.

I stayed back in the house on wheels to take a nap.  Probably the only thing that I like more than our walks are my naps after our walks.

After Erin brought mommy and daddy back, she left and we just hung out in the house on wheels for a little bit.  Daddy was calling campgrounds for us to stay in for the next two nights and mommy went shopping.  Daddy did find us a campground, that made him and mommy happy.

People were starting to show up for the Luke Bryan concert and they started parking really close to the house wheels.  But after mommy and daddy got back from dinner, daddy did it again!  He got the house on wheels out and mommy guided him to make sure that he didn’t hit the Tesla that parked right behind our back bumper.  Mommy and daddy might have said a few things about the driver of the Tesla that I just won’t repeat here.  I’ll just let that between the three of us.

It was dark when we got to the campground, so daddy had to wear his little miner’s light on his head to get us set-up.  I think that daddy looks goofy when he straps that thing on his head, but it seems to work for him.  You do you, daddy.  Wear it like a pro!

The next day, Erin came by to pick us up to go on another hike.  We all had to ride in her Jeep to get to this trail.  I thought this was so cool.  I was going to rub myself all over that Jeep so that Roxie would know that I got to ride in her mommy’s Jeep.

This is me and Erin. I liked her. She took us on cool hikes.

I thought that the first hike that Erin took us on was cool, but the one on Saturday was really awesome!  It was in the woods, no pavement at all and some pretty rocky terrain at times.  Of course, I nailed it.   That trail was nothing for me.  A little while after we started, Erin took my leash from daddy.  Daddy said, “He might not walk too good for you.”  But I like Erin, so I was a real good boy for her while she walked me.  I mean of course, I would go a little crazy when we passed other dogs on the trail, but that’s just me.  Sometimes mommy and daddy and Erin would try to trick me by distracting me when another dog came by, but most times I could see them and smell them.  They did trick me sometimes though.

When we got to the top of where we were hiking, we ate our lunch.  Erin is such a nice person that she packed Turkey sandwiches, and apples, and chips, and granola bars for lunch.  I had mommy and daddy and Erin trained pretty good because they all gave me the last bite of their turkey sandwich.  I even got some chips.  It truly was a wonderful day for me.

We hiked back and I took a nap in Erin’s Jeep on the way back to the campground.

When we got back to the house on wheels, I ate and napped again.  Erin came back later and took mommy and daddy back to her house to meet her son and daughter and make dinner for of them.  Mommy and daddy kept saying how nice of a visit they were having with Erin and how nice of a person she is.  Daddy did a podcast with her that night too.  Mommy said that her and Erin have a lot in common too.  I agreed with mommy and daddy that it was a great visit and told them that we need to come back to Bend and stay longer next year.

The next day we left to head back to Idaho.  We weren’t going back to the same place that we were at before though.  This time we were going to Boise to see my daddy’s cousin Jim.  I met him before.  He came to our house in Pennsylvania and then I saw him a couple of times in our house on wheels in Florida.  He’s a cool guy!

We drove for almost six hours and then mommy and daddy said that we lost an hour on the drive.  I was like, “What!?  How did we lose an hour?  Where did it go?  We need to find it!”

Then they explained that it was that time zone thing again.  I have no idea who thought of that, but it’s very confusing for a pup like me as to how time just appears and disappears randomly just by crossing a line.

When we got to Jim and his wife Patti’s house, Jim was there to greet us.  He got us parked and then I heard the words that I love to hear, when Jim said, “Of course Youk can come in the house.”

“Yes!” I said to myself, “He just scored huge points with me!”

I went in, sniffed around and checked everything out.  It was great.  Jim was making ribs in the smoker and man did they smell good.  Jim’s daughter Jen and her husband Anthony came over to have dinner too.  I started working the crowd, trying to see who I might get to give in and give me some scraps.  Then I’d get distracted every once in a while, if another dog walked past on the trail behind Jim’s house and start barking and running back and forth along Jim’s fence.  I only knocked over one cup of water and didn’t set my tail on fire, so I considered that a pretty good night.

However, can you believe that with six humans there and all of those ribs, and potatoes and veggies and pineapple upside-down cake, I got nothing!  I couldn’t believe it.  I don’t think that this had ever happened before to me.  Daddy said that if I hadn’t been running around like a nut and yelling and screaming so much that I might have gotten something, I don’t know about all that, but I still had fun.  I was in a house and all six people did pet me quite a bit.

The next morning, Jim took mommy and daddy to Reggie’s Veggies to get us some fresh fruit and veggies.  I love fresh fruit and veggies, so mommy and daddy better share those with me.

We left about noon to start driving to Utah.  On the way, we stopped at Shoshone Falls.  It was beautiful there and I got to walk around with mommy and daddy.  I heard that there is usually a lot more water going over the waterfall there, but it was still cool.

We went to the visitor’s center after the falls and met another family that lived in a house on wheels too.  Of course, I was the one who started the conversation because the nice lady said to daddy, “Ohhh, your dog is so beautiful, can I pet him?  I just love his white face.”  This lady was a smart lady for sure.

After the visitor’s center, mommy and daddy grabbed dinner at Chick-Fil-A.

Then we drove all the way to Ogden, Utah to stay at, you guessed it, another Cracker Barrel!