In this episode of “The Journey of My Mother’s Son” podcast, I sit down to talk with Joe Barth.

Joe is the founder of the Hit Doctor Academy and Arsenal USA Baseball.

Joe and I have known each other since the early 2000’s.  For over twenty years, we were competitors on the field and friends off of the field.  Joe and I share the same coaching philosophy of teaching life lessons through the game of baseball.

Joe coached MLB All-Star, Mike Trout from the time that he was 13 years old throughout his high school career.  He not only remembers the quality of player that Mike was and his incredible work ethic, but more importantly, he remembers the quality human beings that he and his family were.

We talk about our experience in the game, the connection with our former players and where the game is today.  Joe has overcome some health issues, but has no plans on slowing down.

He has made an incredible impact on the players whose lives he has touched though out his coaching career.

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