Month: December 2021

It sure was a Dreamy Christmas

So, everyday mommy and daddy are helping with something and I’m out there making sure that everyone is smiling.  I’m doing a really good job at that too.  All of these guys love me so much and I love them too.  There’s this one guy, his name is Bob.  He’s really tall, even taller than daddy is.  He really loves me.  He put me on a video that he was sending to his daughter for Christmas.  Now I was even cheering people up who lived miles and miles away!  He once said to daddy, “Your dog does so much more for us then we could ever do for him.”  When he said, “your dog” to daddy, he was talking about me.

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Galveston, I Love Your Beach

Once we got down onto the beach, I didn’t waste any time getting into that water!  I was pulling daddy down to the water with me.  When that first wave crashed into me, I felt like I was in heaven.  That’s one of the best feelings in the world when that wave comes crashing in.  I was so happy in the water.  I was splashing around and smiling from ear to ear.  Then one time, I was watching daddy and turned sideways and a wave came in and knocked me over.  Daddy asked me if I was ok.  I was ok, but just a little embarrassed.  I learned my lesson though, never turn sideways when a wave is coming in.  You have to face those things head on.

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Jimmy Obregon – A Disciple at the Dream Center

He is one of the incredible humans that Sandy and I have been blessed to meet while we’ve been volunteering at the Dream Center.

The people here are all living examples of God’s grace and redemption.  Each of them is at a different stage of their recovery journey.  They are all strengthening their faith in God and understanding that their recovery is only possible with God and surrounding themselves with a strong support system.

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Hey Texas, Thanks for the Grass, but you can keep the Sand Spurs!

Even though mommy and daddy went into the city every day that we were in San Antonio, they made sure to spend some quality time with me too.  We walked along the cool trail that bordered the campground each day.  We would walk at least a mile or two.  I love taking walks with mommy and daddy.  We even went over and played in Kamp K-9 at the campground.  Kamp K-9 is what the KOA campgrounds call their dog parks.  Every other campground that we’ve been in that has a dog park just calls them, “dog park,” but KOA calls them Kamp K-9.  It must be some sort of marketing thing, I guess.  I think that every KOA that we’ve stayed at has a Kamp K-9, but this one was definitely one of the biggest.

I was sad to leave San Antonio because I really liked it there, but we had to get to Houston to have some things done to the house on wheels.  Daddy and the house on wheels had a little run in with a large tree branch back in Phoenix and the back ladder on the house on wheels got mangled up a little bit.  So, because of that we had to get to the Lazy Days service center just outside of Houston.  We also had to get the oil changed on the generator in the house on wheels.

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