We woke up really early on Monday morning and left the Mississippi Welcome Center before the sun even woke up that day.

I did eat my breakfast before we left though.  I have mommy and daddy trained good about that now, house on wheels doesn’t move until I eat.  It was kind of cloudy, so the sunrise wasn’t great, but it was still pretty neat to see it as we were driving up US 90 along the coast of Mississippi.  We made a few stops along the Gulf of Mexico, but it was too cold for me to dip my paws into the water.

Not everyone can pull off being this handsome, but I sure can.

Our first stop was in Gulfport, Mississippi.  That was neat, but our second stop was ever neater.  That was at Gulf Island National Seashore.  They had a cool little trail there and I was able to walk out onto the dock.  It was still a little cold out, but I loved it anyway.

Our next stop was in Pascagoula, Mississippi at the Pascagoula Beach Park.  Mommy and daddy ate lunch there.  The park looked nice, but they didn’t allow dogs in it, which I thought was absurd.  Why would you build a nice park and then not let dogs into it?  It was ok though because daddy still took me on a one mile walk down a path outside of the park where dogs were allowed.  At least somebody was thinking in that town!  It was nice and by that time of the day, it started to warm up a little bit.

Driving up US 90 was really pretty.  We didn’t get back onto I-10 until we got into Mobile, Alabama.  We were only in Alabama for a short time.  We did stop at Buc-cee’s for the first time though while we were in Alabama.  We had to get gas and mommy and daddy got some snacks for themselves, but nothing for me.  Can you believe that?  They went into that whole big store and didn’t buy anything for me.  How rude!

After Buc-cee’s, we were only a few miles from the Florida Welcome Center, which is where we were going to stay that night.

I saw the sign for Florida, but it sure didn’t feel like Florida!  It was only 31 degrees that night! Crazy!

It was another early morning for us.  We pulled out before the sun rose again and headed down to Pensacola Beach before heading to Henderson Beach State Park in Destin for the night.

You can tell how cold it was because mommy was bundled up. That’s why I thought that the sand was snow at first.

We found a really cool dog beach in Pensacola Beach!  The sand looked like snow and sure was cold enough to be snow, so I was really confused.  Mommy and daddy assured me that it was sand and not snow, but I wasn’t convinced.  I had fun, but was a little bummed out that it was still too cold for me to dip my paws in the Gulf of Mexico.

Henderson Beach State Park was really neat.  They don’t allow dogs on the beach there, which stinks.  Somebody needs to talk some sense into them and the folks in Pascagoula.  Mommy and daddy were allowed on the beach and both had fun.  I did get to take a couple of really nice walks with mommy and daddy through that campground and there were several people who told them how beautiful I was.  Such smart people in that campground.

After we left Destin, we started to drive east along US 98 across the panhandle of Florida.  It reminded me of our drive along US 90 in Mississippi.  It was really pretty and there were a lot of spots where we were driving right next to the Gulf of Mexico.  We went over some really big bridges too!

We drove all the way to Crawfordville, Florida and stayed in a Best Western parking lot.  When daddy first mentioned about staying at a Best Western, I thought that we were going to be staying inside of the hotel.  However, that wasn’t the case.  This Best Western would allow people who have houses on wheels to park and sleep in a big field next to their parking lot.  We never did that before, but it was pretty neat.

I was really excited the next morning because we were headed to a campground where we would get to see Phil and Shar from A Year to Volunteer.  Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get together with Alex and Pat from RV Party of 3 when we were in Destin like we had hoped, but we were definitely going to see Phil and Shar!  Mommy and daddy really like Phil and Shar.  They tell me that they’re really good friends of theirs.  I like them too until they bring that little Domino fella around me.  I also don’t like when mommy and daddy go over to Phil and Shar’s campsite and then come back smelling like that Domino rascal!  That’s why when Phil and Shar came over to our campsite for breakfast the one morning, I made sure that I rubbed up all over them, so that Domino could get a taste of his own medicine!

This is the Y2V Crew. I was still in the house on wheels for this picture.

When Phil and Shar came over for breakfast, so did Mike and Terri.  Mike and Terri are two of the volunteers that mommy and daddy met when they helped with one of the A Year to Volunteer projects up in Wisconsin.  You know the one with the birds that I wrote about months ago.  How amazing is that?  Mommy and daddy met all of these people all the way up in Wisconsin and here we all were in the same RV Park in Florida sitting round having breakfast.  That’s the best thing about living in the house on wheels.  We get to meet all kinds of cool people from all over the country.

Everyone from the Y2V Gang, that’s what I started calling them in Florida, were really cool.  However Mike was my favorite.  Do you want to know why?  Because he shared some bacon with me!  The fastest way to my heart is through my belly with bacon!  Can you believe that mommy and daddy didn’t share any bacon with me, but Mike did?  Shame on mommy and daddy, but thank God for Mike!

We were there three nights.  Mommy and daddy were really happy to be with people that they love.  I was happy for mommy and daddy too, even though they came back to the house on wheels smelling like that Domino character every night.

I liked the RV Park because it was really big and I got to go on two really long walks.  One walk was over three miles and our other walk there was over four miles.  It was awesome!

Mommy and daddy were sad to leave their friends, but they were all also excited to be headed to Cousin Carole’s house in Largo.  I was really excited to get to Cousin Carole’s house too.  I get to go into her house and she has a fenced in backyard, so I can roam around her backyard and pee and poop wherever I want to when we visit her.

We stopped at a roadside produce stand on the way to Cousin Carole’s house and mommy bought all kinds of tasty fresh fruit.  I can’t wait to help mommy and daddy eat it!  I love fruit and mommy and daddy always share their fruit with me.  The nice lady at the produce stand gave us all samples of a yummy clementine.  It was delicious!

We also stopped at Aldi and Publix so that mommy could get food so that her and daddy wouldn’t starve while we were at Cousin Carole’s house.

It wasn’t that far of a drive to Cousin Carole’s house, but daddy said that it took a long time because we hit every red light along US 19.  He didn’t seem too happy when he told me that.

Finally, we made it to Cousin Carole’s house!  Me and mommy got out right away and Cousin Carole said, “Bring him in the house!”  That’s why I love her so much!  Right away, she wanted me in her house!  I was so happy about being allowed in the house that as soon as I got in the backyard, I peed and pooped.  Me and mommy stayed in the house while daddy set up the house on wheels.

We went back into the house on wheels so that me and mommy and daddy could all eat supper.

After supper, we went back inside Cousin Carole’s house to watch TV.  I made sure to check everything out when I got in there again.  It all passed the sniff test.  I was so excited walking around the house that my tail was wagging so much it knocked a cup of water off of the table.  It happens sometimes.  I did the same thing when we were in Idaho at Carole’s brother, Jimmy’s house too.  Sometimes I just can’t contain my excitement.

Here I am retraining Cousin Carole on the proper way to share her dinner with me. I must get her to focus on my eyes. No one can say no to the puppy eyes.

I tried to beg from Cousin Carole, but she said that her dinner was too spicy for me.  I was willing to my chances.  I’ll have to train her again because last year, I had her giving me treats and sharing her dinner with me in no time.  I’m not concerned, sometimes your humans just have to be retrained to get them back on track.

We’re going to be at Cousin Carole’s house for a little over a week and I’m looking forward to every minute of it.  When we were here last year, me and daddy went on some awesome walks.  There are really cool parks and trails near here and I can’t wait to explore them all like I did last year.

Cousin Patty is coming to visit from Orlando this weekend and I’ll get to see our friend Tim while we are here too.  It’s going to be so much fun.  I hope that Tim’s dad, Ron gets down to Largo before we leave too.  I love him because he let us stay in his yard in Washington state where I could walk to see the Pacific Ocean every day.

When we leave here, we’ll be going to the Tampa RV Show.  We’ll get to see Phil and Shar and a bunch of other people from the Y2V Gang there.  After the show, we’ll head back over to Melbourne to stay with Aunt Sally and Uncle Randy.

Florida is back like Florida should be, it’s warmed up again now, so I better get my paws into some of this wonderful salt water!

Sometimes being so awesome is just exhausting.