Month: February 2022

I Loved CAP Kid Camp!

Sure enough, as soon as I went out on Saturday morning to do my business, I went right to work making people smile!  First it was a CAP Kid dad, then a CAP Kid Mom and sister and then after breakfast, it was off to the races!  Daddy and I went down the trail to the archery range first and all of the CAP Kids in that group and even some of their parents came over to pet me.  I was making all of them smile!

Then we went to the high ropes course to see the other group of CAP Kids and bingo!  I was at it again!  Letting people pet me and handing out smiles like it was my job!  Well, actually, it is my job and I’m really good at it.

Alice and Zelda might have loved me the most, but it was really too close to call.  All of the CAP Kids loved me a lot.  I loved all of the CAP Kids equally, I didn’t have any favorites at all.  They were all tremendous!

Now I knew why mommy and daddy were so excited about this CAP Kid Camp.  It’s because these CAP Kids and their families are super-duper special!  You see I found out that alopecia is an auto-immune disorder that causes people’s hair to fall out and I don’t mean shedding like I do.  It really falls out.  Depending on what type of alopecia they have, it can be anywhere from small spots to losing all of their hair.  But you know what, these kids were awesome with or without hair.

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Rachel Folden – Using a Coaching Mindset of Love

Rachel Folden is a minor league Hitting Coach in professional baseball, the first female to hold such a position in her organization. Folden also launched, the most comprehensive hitting drill library available for softball players. Now players from around the world can train with Rachel Folden and her team at Folden Fastpitch. Folden Fastpitch also partners with Elite Baseball Training to provide hitting consultation for baseball and softball teams at the professional, college, high school and travel ball level. Folden and her team put on numerous camps and clinics across the country, primarily in the skills of hitting and catching.

A former professional softball player in the NPF (National Pro Fastpitch), Folden retired after the 2012 season, after 5 years in the NPF. Folden played for two professional teams, the Carolina Diamonds in 2012, and the Chicago Bandits from 2008-2012. She finished her career with 41 home runs, 122 RBI, 101 walks, and 28 doubles, which are all-time top 10 marks. She was the Rookie of the Year in 2008, a 4-time All-NPF Catcher, and the 2011 Offensive Player of the Year. She won two NPF Championships with the Bandits in 2008 and 2011.

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A Sense of Accomplishment

I was able to get my newest book, The Journey of My Mother’s Son, Volume I through the editing process and into production.  The cover design has been approved and I’m just waiting on the production team to get everything formatted and ready for print.  Although this is now the third time that I’ve gone through this process, there is always a huge sense of pride and anticipation that goes along with seeing a project through.

The children’s book that I assisted on for Youk has now been sent off to the illustrator and we’re just anxiously waiting to see some of her amazing illustrations come back for review.  It’s a creative process and collaboration that is new to me, which is very exciting and refreshing.

The cover design for my next two books have also been completed and both of the manuscripts have been started.  I am really looking forward to completing this book series and sharing these stories with others.

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I mean, let’s face it, my mommy and daddy are always telling me that I’m a good boy.  They’re not wrong.  So, I think that because I’m such a good boy, I deserve every nice breakfast, treat from a stranger, and all of the other nice things that I get.  In my doggy opinion, none of this seems to make me spoiled, just well-deserved because I’m such a good boy!

Think of all of the nice things that I do.

I love my mommy and daddy unconditionally.

I try to make every person I meet smile.

I protect my mommy and daddy from those mean squirrels at the park.

If my mommy or daddy or anyone else drops food on the floor, I am more than willing to help clean it up right away.

I make sure that my mommy and daddy stay in shape and healthy by taking them for as many walks as I can.

Sometimes I just start barking and everyone tries to figure out why.  I’m really just announcing my presence with authority.

I cuddle with my mommy and daddy whenever I want, even if they don’t want me to.

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