Month: March 2022

A Sense of Belonging

I have always felt a little bit like a round peg in a square hole.

I have a lot of acquaintances, but very few really true friends.

Before traveling full-time, I was heavily involved in our community.  In addition to running my own nonprofit organization, I also served on several other community and nonprofit boards.  But honestly, other than my service on the Berks County Latino Chamber of Commerce board, I never really felt a part of our community.

Maybe it’s because I see things differently than most people.  Perhaps people misunderstand my introverted personality.  I’ve written about this in previous blogs.

Maybe it’s because so many people left me when I needed them at the most difficult times of my life.  I can’t really say for sure; I just know how I have felt.

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We’ve had a couple of Lazy Days Lately!

We were wondering what we were going to do on Wednesday.  Daddy said that we had an extra day before we were scheduled to visit with Lori and TP in Louisiana.  We were going to get gas and then head to the opposite Mississippi Welcome Center for the night.

While we were at the Pilot, mommy and daddy got a text from Shar from A Year to Volunteer.  She told them that she heard that we were in the area and we needed to get our butts over to their project.  Now we knew what we’d be doing on our extra day!

Mommy and daddy were thinking about asking Shar if they needed help because we found out that we were close by, but they didn’t want to be a bother.  Well, Shar made it very clear that they should never feel like that again!

When we got to the project, Shar met us at the end of the road.  We picked her up and she sat next to me in the house on wheels.  I rubbed all up on her so that Domino would know that I was with his mommy!  I’ve had to smell him on my mommy and daddy enough before, now it was his turn to smell me on his mommy!

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