After we left the CAP Kid Camp on Sunday, we started to head to Houston, Texas.

We had to get to the Lazy Days Service Center there so that they could fix the ladder on the house on wheels.  We were there back in November and that was when I met Peter.  Peter is a cool guy.  He really loves me.  He calls me “Big Boy” and always gives me treats.

But before that, we had a few stops to make on our way there.

We weren’t planning on it, but we stopped at Silver Springs State Park a little over an hour after we left the CAP Kids Camp.  It was a really neat place.  Mommy and daddy went in first and walked around without me.  I napped in the house on wheels while they did that.  Then when they came back, me and daddy went for about a mile walk and mommy stayed in the house on wheels.

Mommy and daddy got strawberry shortcake with ice cream after we left Silver Springs and they shared it with me.  That made me happy!

We drove another couple of hours and then stayed in a rest area along I-10 just outside of Tallahassee.

We woke up pretty early on Monday morning and headed to Tallahassee.  We were going to pick up one of daddy’s old players, Aneyshka and mommy and daddy were going to have lunch with her.  That made me happy because I knew that Aneyshka would smile and pet me when we drove to the restaurant.  I was right!

We then drove to Pensacola and stopped at a BJ’s Wholesale Club to get some supplies.  I ate my dinner in the parking lot of BJ’s, but mommy and daddy waited to eat their dinner until we got to Alabama and stopped at a Buc-ee’s.  Man, their food smelled so good, but all they shared with me were a few of the potato chips.  I mean, they were good, and I was grateful, but those sandwiches smelled really good!

We drove all the way through Alabama and finally stopped to sleep for the night at the Mississippi Welcome Center.  I really like when we stay in the Welcome Centers in Mississippi because they have like a little mini campground right there in the welcome center.

We slept in on Tuesday, which is rare for us when we stay in a rest area.  Normally, we’re back on the road bright and early, but I guess because this was so much like a little campground, we just hung out for a while.

I was excited because I knew that Tuesday was going to be all about me!  We were going on two really nice hikes.  The first one was at the Sandhill Crane Refuge and the second one was on Fontainebleau Trail.  Daddy said that because it was Twos-day 2/22/22 we would take two hikes.  I didn’t know what he was talking about, but I sure loved getting two hikes in.

We were wondering what we were going to do on Wednesday.  Daddy said that we had an extra day before we were scheduled to visit with Lori and TP in Louisiana.  We were going to get gas and then head to the opposite Mississippi Welcome Center for the night.

While we were at the Pilot, mommy and daddy got a text from Shar from A Year to Volunteer.  She told them that she heard that we were in the area and we needed to get our butts over to their project.  Now we knew what we’d be doing on our extra day!

Mommy and daddy were thinking about asking Shar if they needed help because we found out that we were close by, but they didn’t want to be a bother.  Well, Shar made it very clear that they should never feel like that again!

When we got to the project, Shar met us at the end of the road.  We picked her up and she sat next to me in the house on wheels.  I rubbed all up on her so that Domino would know that I was with his mommy!  I’ve had to smell him on my mommy and daddy enough before, now it was his turn to smell me on his mommy!

I couldn’t believe how happy mommy and daddy were when we got there.  They sure do love being around their Y2V friends!

The park that we walked in had a spot just for me!

On Wednesday, me and daddy got up early and took a nice walk around the ballpark that was next to where we were staying.  Daddy likes walking around ballparks and so do I.  Toward the end of our walk we saw Terri and she gave me a treat.  I love Terri.

After our walk, daddy went to help at the park and mommy stayed in the campground area with Terri and some of the other ladies to help paint signs.  I was glad that mommy stayed near me, that way she could let me out and come visit me on her breaks.

Mommy and daddy were really tired at the end of the day.  Our original plans were for us to leave on Wednesday night, but they were so tired, they decided to leave the next day.

We got up early on Thursday morning and started driving to Sulfur, Louisiana to visit with Lori and TP.  We stopped at a Petco to get me food and mommy and daddy ate their lunch.

Then it was off to see Lori and TP!  I had to stay in the house on wheels though because Lori had her grand-dog Otis staying with her.  Man, that guy sure did slobber a lot!  Mommy says that I slobber a lot, but I got nothing compared to that Otis guy.

Mommy and daddy’s friend, Jennie came over to visit too.  We stayed in her driveway for a few days right after we moved into the house on wheels.  I like Jennie.  She was a really good softball player and that’s how daddy met her.  They used to do softball camps together before we moved into the house on wheels.

It was a short visit with Lori and TP and Jennie, but mommy and daddy really enjoyed it.  Their next Y2V project is back in their neighborhood, so we’ll get to see them more then.

This is the place that Peter and all of the other cool people work at.

We ate dinner in the Texas Welcome Center and then we were off to Lazy Days.  I was excited because I wanted to see Peter.  I wondered if he would remember me?

Sure enough, when mommy got up in the morning and took me out, there was Peter to greet me!  He smiled, started petting me and said, “Hey Big Boy, how have you been?”  I was so happy that he remembered me!

It was really cold when we first got there, not like Pennsylvania cold, but still cold for Texas.  We were going to be staying in the house on wheels at night while the guys at Lazy Days worked on it during the day.  That meant that I would get to see Peter everyday when we went inside to hang out in the waiting room.

That also meant that he was going to give me lots and lots of treats every time that I saw him!  He even gave me some of his banana the one day!  I love bananas!

He wasn’t there over the weekend, but I made sure to check just to make sure.  Each time that we walked past the door, I would stop and look inside just to see if Peter was there.  It was weird to me when we were staying in the Lazy Days parking lot over the weekend.  We were the only ones there.  We were inside the fence with other houses on wheels, but no other people.  Even though it was cold, we would walk around a couple of times a day to get some exercise.  It was just in big circles around the building and parking lot, but I still loved it.  Daddy would even unhook my leash sometimes and let me roam around inside the fence.  It was like a big dog park with a whole bunch of houses on wheels inside it.  I felt like I was the king of the yard!

Monday morning, I was so excited to greet Peter!  I walked in with my tail wagging and smiling and he was happy to see me too.  He said, “Good morning Big Boy!  Do you want a treat?”

“You know I do!” I replied.

I followed him over to the treat spot and he didn’t just give me just one treat, he gave me five treats!  Man, Peter is one of the coolest guys that I’ve ever met.

This is where the house on wheels was each night.

I’m going to be sad when we leave Lazy Days, but I know that mommy and daddy are going to be happy because they’ll get to see their friends again.

This Y2V project is extra special for mommy and daddy.  They volunteered once before in the Sulphur and Lake Charles area right after we started living in the house on wheels.  A bad hurricane hit that area in August of 2020.  We were there to help.   We already knew Jennie and Lori and TP, but we met so many more amazing people while we were there.  About a week after we were there, another hurricane hit that area.  Daddy said that the people of Southwest Louisiana are resilient.

Daddy says that this project is at Sam Houston Jones State Park is extra special to him because of all of the friends that they have in the area.  It will be the largest project in the history of Y2V.  There will be 24 houses on wheels on this project!  They needed more help because of how much damage the hurricane did to the park.

I can’t wait to see Lori and TP and Jennie again and I also can’t wait to meet all kinds of new people too!