In this episode of “The Journey of My Mother’s Son” podcast, I sit down to talk with Mike Latona.

Another one of my former players, Mike Latona is now a Quality Engineer.

Just like last week’s guest, Collin Fesi, we were able to reconnect with Mike in Maryland.  What a blessing that night was to not just see one of my former players, but two in the same night.  Mike and Collin played for our organization a few years apart, but it was neat to see how they connected immediately knowing that they had that Berkshire Baseball experience in common.  I hope that they stay in contact now that they know each other.

I always say that when we reconnect with my former players on this journey, it truly does fill my heart with joy.  To see these kids now and witness how they’ve grown into productive members of our society and just quality humans overall is incredibly special for me.

Mike reflects on his playing days within the Berkshire organization and how it impacted him socially to meet and play with players from outside of his school district.

We also talk about how those life lessons on the field continue to help him today in his career and beyond.

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