In this episode of “The Journey of My Mother’s Son” podcast, I sit down to talk with Cindy Van Arnam.

Having deeply immersed herself into the shadow of her own soul and healing old wounds of drug addiction, emotional abuse, and trauma, Cindy now sees her own limitless power and is here to lead other entrepreneurs to discover the same.  Cindy is a certified Universal Laws Coach, Facilitator of Mastering The BrainGAME, Quantum Numerologist, Wealth Activator, and Chief Operations Officer for MindSHIFT LLC.

Tired of the old and archaic systems that no longer support us, Cindy is passionate about helping emerging entrepreneurs fully discover their own limitless power so they can create sustainable wealth through their passion and service to their higher purpose. Combining her strategic business savvy with Quantum Numerology and Universal Laws, Cindy teaches healers and changemakers the tools they need to first and foremost, master themselves.  This gives them the ability to create a solid foundation for their business that will stand the test of time, even in a rapidly changing world.

In the midst of a paradigm shift, it is up to us to take responsibility for ourselves and stand unshakeable in the storm.  There is an easier way if we are willing to do things differently. It is time to take the reins of your business and stop allowing your business to run you.

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