In this episode of “The Journey of My Mother’s Son” podcast, I sit down to talk with Michael Mitreuter.

A native of Germany, Michael is the co-founder of the long-distance hiking series, MammothMarch.

Here are some quick bullet points on Michael’s career and personal life:

  • Since AUG ’20: Managing Partner of MammothMarch: Hosting of long-distance hiking events across the US
  • SEP ’16 – FEB ’20: Manager & Associate Director at Infront B2Run GmbH (Germany): Internationalization of (now) Europe’s biggest corporate running series
  • JAN ’12 – AUG ’16: Venue Manager at Infront B2Run GmbH (Germany): Sales, expansion of Germany’s biggest corporate running series
  • JAN ’10 – DEC ’11: Sponsoring Manager at German consulting firm actori
  • Bachelor’s degree in sports, media & event management (’10)
  • Personal life: Married to Ruth Olivia; active hockey player, sports enthusiast

The MammothMarch story as taken from the its website, goes like this:

In today’s hectic world full of (digital) distraction, information overload and daily routine, we are looking for ways to slow down and recharge – our bodies, minds and souls.

At the same time, we must get out of our comfort zone and push our boundaries to become a better version of ourselves as well as to help reverse the decline in the environmental health of our planet.

MammothMarch is a one-of-a-kind adventure that gives you the opportunity to do all of the above.

Unplug. Recharge.

Reach your limits. Push them.

Are you ready for the challenge of a lifetime? Let’s get there together. Step by step.

Find out more about the MammothMarch hiking series at

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