Month: August 2022

Tony Rambles – Everybody is Interesting

Tony is the host of the The Living Numbers Podcast.

Tony’s story starts in Detroit, Michigan but it has taken him to Connecticut because of divorced parents, to Houston, Texas because of the oil & gas industry (which he worked in for a few years). From Houston to China (with his wonderful wife of almost 10 years) to teach English to Chinese toddlers then back to Houston to teach Public Speaking to high school students along with running his own podcast.

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Michael Huber – Making Mental Performance a Priority

Michael Huber is a Certified Mental Performance Consultant® accredited by the Association of Applied Sport Psychology. He is also a father, experienced business advisor, athlete, and mentor.

The primary focus of Michael’s practice is serving young athletes and their families. All of his work is motivated by the desire for others to get the best out of the abilities and resources at their disposal. Michael believes that mental performance coaching is about becoming aware of mental emotional challenges, removing those roadblocks, and taking intentional action to improve as a person and performer.

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Herbert “Flight Time” Lang – Kindness is Free

Following an eighteen-year career as a member of the Harlem Globetrotters as a player and coach, Herbert decided it was time for him to inspire others by sharing his worldly experiences with others.

His message is simple – Kindness is Free.

There are several ways in which he inspires others, including speaking, publishing, community outreach programs, as well as television just to name a few.

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Manas Itene – Show Your Love

The main topic of our conversation this time around though was talking about the story behind his new single, “Show Your Love.”  The song is really an anthem for people to get out and be brave enough to share their talents with the world.

In addition to music, we talk about how we all long for deep human connection.  Manas has started doing some retreats and we talked about how those events have really fed his soul as much as those who came to the event.

I feel blessed to have Manas as a friend and look forward to getting together with him again, hanging out, and having him on the show many more times in the future.

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G Wright – Channeling Your Inner ROCK STAR

His real name is Gregory, but everyone calls him G. He is a Producer & Media Trainer at All Things Relax Studios.

Along with Sandi D, Queen of Podcast Zen, he shows coaches, creative entrepreneurs, and authors how to create a crystal-clear message and connect with their audience in their signature ROCK STAR Media Training program.

He has worked with many well-known artists and bands as a Tour Manager and Sound Engineer for over 25 years. He has traveled all over the planet and worked with national and global TV, radio, and other media companies with his clients. 

As a Tour Manager, he has worked with many publicity departments, publicists, and record labels to prepare the artist (lead singer) for media interviews.

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