We decided to add a personal touch to our house on wheels.

When we first started this full-time RV journey we thought that perhaps our 33′ Class C Forest River Sunseeker, named, Polly’s Footsteps would just be a “Starter RV” for us and that we’d eventually upgrade to a Class A motorhome.

However, we started kicking around ideas over the winter of potentially doing a little renovation in order to make our home on wheels a little more comfortable for us.

We had named our RV, “Polly’s Footsteps” because the old 1967 Plymouth Valiant that my mom had used to travel around the country in was named, “Polly Plymouth.”  We still call ours, “Polly” for short, but we’re definitely following in my mom’s and the original Polly’s footsteps while we’re on this amazing journey.  We’re bigger and just a little more stylish than what the original Polly Plymouth was, but we’ve really grown attached to her and she has been very good to us for the almost 39,000 miles of adventures she has taken us on so far.

There would be some benefits to a Class A, but at this point, we just wanted to make Polly better for us.

So, with having some extra downtime in Pennsylvania this summer, we decided to go for it and do the renovation.  Thankfully, my nephew, Donnie and my son-in-law, Stephen were able to help us out with the process.  We removed the dinette and the rear bunks.  We added a countertop for our eating and working area.  The bunks were replaced with a storage area that has given us so much more space than what we had before.

We absolutely love how it came out and the extra living space that it has given us.

We’re looking forward to taking the newly renovated Polly to Wisconsin for our next Y2V project at the Raptor Education Group in Antigo.

The renovation also gets a Five Paw Approval Rating from Youk.

Check out the video below to see how we did.