Month: September 2022

Kathleen Flanagan – Dancing Souls

Kathleen Flanagan has been on a spiritual journey for most of her life, but she hasn’t always gone willingly! Like a lot of us, when she felt a call from Spirit that sounded crazy, she said “No way!” And then she gave in and followed that call, always to the benefit of others and with gratitude for the guidance. 

Since the mid 1990’s, Kathleen has been a certified aromatherapist and licensed esthetician. She was inspired to develop an all-natural method of stress reduction and mood enhancement based upon her personal experiences with sinus infections, migraine headaches and a host of complications to medications prescribed to address these conditions. The debilitating side effects of medications almost robbed her of a productive life. This inspired her to create Awakening Spirit, Inc. which produces a line of products that offer an all-natural approach to improve disposition, relieve stress, increase self-confidence and create the conditions to enjoy life through the simple art of effective relaxation.

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Kilani Daane – Follow Your Passion

“I am a young entrepreneur with the drive to succeed in what I do. I am a confident speaker and absolutely love to share what I know! I found myself at a young age and have discovered the power of working WITH my energy and following my passion even when it goes against societal norms. I provide knowledge on the power of energy in getting transformative results in your life, career, and business. I also am passionate about sharing how self-love and self-care play a role in seeing positive change in your life.”

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Brandon Puffer – From the Bullpen to the State Pen

Brandon’s story explains how he went from reaching great heights as an MLB World Series winner to falling to the very bottom, serving 3-1/2 years in prison. He has humbly watched as everything has gotten restored in his life, and he know feels as though he is here to help others learn from his expensive lessons and show that we don’t have to let our worst mistakes define us.

After a 15-year professional baseball career, four of which were spent in the Major Leagues, Brandon had fallen to great depths and has come out on the other side with important lessons to share with those who might find themselves facing tough obstacles or set-backs in their own lives.

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