In this episode of “The Journey of My Mother’s Son” podcast, I sit down to talk with James Gardiner.

James is a champion for conscious leadership and walking each day of adult life with our younger selves. Being a leader for momentum and growth is something that has come natural to him. With over two decades of hands-on experience in personal and business growth, he is motivated to help people face their challenges, uncover their truth, and reconnect to the wonder of youth so they can truly live the life of their dreams, by design.

With a background formed in the arena of rowing, James competed for nearly twenty years as a high-performance rower and coach in both the USA and Canada. At a young age he entered the US National Development System and won a highly coveted Gold Medal at the 1991 US Olympic Festival. Resurfacing years later as a master athlete and coach, James has put the cap on a career that accumulated over 100 top three finishes throughout North America.

His highly developed motivational and leadership skills forged in his early rowing days accompanied his creative side as he took to the acting stages of New York City and Los Angeles while in the entertainment industry. It is here in this arena that James was privileged enough to bring many characters to life on stage and screen and learn how to command an audience. During his fourteen year tenure, James immersed himself into various aspects of production and post-production, helming many of his own scripted and directed offerings.

The business stage called as well and James soon found himself helping to orchestrate the development of exclusive hospitality properties on both coasts as well as in Vancouver, Canada. His strength lay in his ability to foster an environment that promoted team unity for growth, whether overseeing a team of twelve or two hundred and fifty, that never changed for James. Understanding the power that lies in a “team dynamic” and consciously leading others towards a common objective was a key part to his success.

His deeply enriched life tapestry furthered him to speak, motivate, and inspire those before him via the stage, podcasts and as the host of “The Inspirational 30”; a television show where he had the privilege of sitting down with inspirational guests from all walks of life to share their unique and inspiring roads to authenticity. The show and its 23 episodes played in re-run style fashion all over Vancouver and even into other large markets of Canada on Shaw TV.

Most recently James has embarked on traveling and speaking about his powerful new memoir, ALL IN WITH LOVE: my journey to the hero within. This book chronicles his amazing life experiences and accomplishments as well as showcases how he turned poor choices and failure into a recipe for personal growth. But above all it is a story of reconnection. Of getting back to the wonder and curiosity of the inner child and living life to its glorious potential. Beautifully and compellingly written, his story telling is not only entertaining its readers but also providing them with deep introspective questions and thoughts about life and their younger selves.

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