After spending the whole summer in Pennsylvania, we were finally on the road again in the house on wheels.

Before we started on our long trip though, we took a short trip out to Eric and Stephie’s house for Labor Day Weekend.  We left on Friday and said our good-byes to Matthew and Rebecca and Julian.  Then mommy and daddy stopped at Aunt Joan and Uncle George’s house to visit with them before we started to head to Duncannon.  I got to play in the yard at Aunt Joan and Uncle George’s house, it was fun.

Then we went to BJ’s for some supplies and Cabela’s to dump our tanks.

We got to Stephie and Eric’s house about 5 PM.

The next day, mommy and daddy went to watch Lillian play field hockey and I just hung out in the house on wheels.

On Sunday, we had a big picnic at Stephie and Eric’s house.  All kinds of people came to say good-bye to me before we left.  It was really fun, but also a little sad to say good-bye too.

Labor Day was the big day for us!  We got up early and started packing things up in the house on wheels.  It was a little rainy, but not too bad.  We were going to be driving all the way to Michigan!

Because it was such a long drive, there was even a section that mommy drove the house on wheels!  I get a little confused at first when that happens, but I know that mommy is a safe driver too.  So, after a few miles and the excitement of mommy driving wears off, I just take a nap and relax.  Daddy usually naps when mommy is driving too.  Mommy did a really good job driving the house wheels.

The really good news was that we were going to be staying in a Cracker Barrel in Michigan, so that meant that I’d be getting some bacon!  Matthew was already reminding mommy and daddy because sometimes they forget to get me bacon.

The next morning, mommy and daddy got up, went into the Cracker Barrel and sure enough, me and Matthew’s plan worked!  I got bacon!  It was teamwork at its finest.

After we left the Cracker Barrel, we were heading to William Sterling State Park.  We were there for just a few hours last year, but this time, we were going to be staying for two nights.  I was really excited because I love the trails that they have at that park.

As soon as we got there, me and mommy and daddy went for an 8-mile hike.  The next day, we hiked a little over three miles.  The park was right next to Lake Erie, but I wasn’t allowed on the beach, so I didn’t go swimming.  I don’t know why some places don’t allow dogs on the beach.  I think that dogs should be able to go everywhere that humans can go, but that’s just my opinion.

After we left Sterling State Park, we drove to a farm to stay one night.

The next day, we drove over this really big bridge and into the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  We were headed to a KOA in Munising.  It was a pretty neat campground; it had a lot of woods all around us.  We were there Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  It rained all day on Saturday, but that was ok.  Daddy was able to edit a bunch of podcasts and mommy did all kinds of baking and cooking.  I got to eat some of the bacon that mommy made in the morning!  It was a good day even though it rained a lot.

Mommy and daddy were really excited about our moving day on Sunday because we were heading to another A Year to Volunteer project in Wisconsin, so they would be seeing all of their friends.

We stopped at the Wisconsin Welcome Center and took a little walk.  It was a nice place and it was fun to walk a little bit.

Once we got to the campground in Antigo, Wisconsin, Shar was right there to greet us.  Mommy and daddy were so happy to be back volunteering again.

This project was really special to them too because they were going to be volunteering at the Raptor Education Group.  That’s the same place that mommy and daddy did their first project for A Year to Volunteer at.  They really love Marge Gibson and the work that she does helping birds get back into the wild.  I got to meet Marge last year when daddy did a podcast with her and I can see why birds like her too.  She has a special gift.

Mommy and daddy are tired but happy on these volunteer projects.  They leave in the morning and come back in the afternoon smelling like a bunch of birds.  That’s ok with me though.  I don’t mind if mommy and daddy help the birds.  I was born in a place called Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue, so I know how important it is for places like that to help all kinds of animals.

I usually wait back in the house on wheels and nap and listen to music when mommy and daddy go to volunteer.

We’ve been taking a lot of walks too, so I really like that part of the volunteer project.  There are so many really neat trails around the RV park that we’re staying in.

There are even some really nice baseball and softball fields right next to where we’re staying at too.  Daddy talks about how nice they are every time that we walk past them.  He was hoping to see some games, but it’s too late in the season.

Last week, daddy and I would get up really early and walk about three miles before he had to leave for his volunteer project.  Mommy even joined us a couple of mornings too.  Over the weekend, me and daddy walked like five miles each day.  I love longer walks and me and daddy are still training for our 20-mile hike at the Mammoth March in New Jersey in a few weeks.

This week, we’ve been taking our walks after mommy and daddy get back from their volunteer work because it was raining the one morning and really cold the other mornings.  I don’t care what time of day we walk, as long as we walk!

It’s been really fun being back on the road again!  I love when the house on wheels is logging some miles!