In this episode of “The Journey of My Mother’s Son” podcast, I sit down to talk with Alice Graves.

Alice is a coach who helps successful women crush their self-doubt.

She feels that inspiration and motivation are all good and well, but when it comes to personal development they’re just not enough.

In her opinion, if you really want to create life lasting change you need tools, techniques and someone who can hold you accountable, push you and also support you.

So many women, despite their successes in life, still doubt themselves. They doubt themselves at work, at home and also their own internal thoughts.

Her clients are tired of worrying about what everyone else thinks of them, they’re tired of constantly doubting themselves and they’re especially tired of constantly seeking external validation in order to feel ‘good enough’.  They want to change and that’s where Alice comes in.

She is a coach that takes her clients from a place of doubt to a place of confidence and balance.

To find out more about Alice, check out her website at

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