Month: November 2022

What Happened to 70-Degrees?

My mommy and daddy told me that when we started living in the house on wheels, we would always be in 70-degree weather.

Well, they lied.

It is November, we are still in Pennsylvania, and it is cold!

Honestly though, I am ok with the cold, other than the fact that I must motivate my daddy to walk me more when it is cold out.  My daddy seems to have turned into a fair-weather walker since we have started living in the house on wheels.

He was upset because he donated all of his UnderArmour Cold Gear when we sold the big house.  He said to mommy, “I’ll never need this stuff again, we’re always going to be in warm weather from now on.”

Mommy said, “You may want to hang on to some, just in case.”

But daddy insisted he would not need it again.

Well guess what daddy bought a few weeks ago…

That’s right, UnderArmour Cold Gear!  A mock turtleneck, leggings, facemask, gloves, the whole works!

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Melissa Reilly – Mom’s Without a Mom

“Alone in the hospital room six hours after giving birth I felt an unbelievable emotional pain that felt like part of me was breaking.  I lost my mother 15 years previously and yet in that moment the pain I felt over her absence was as if she had just died again.  I couldn’t believe that instead of being consumed with joy I was overwhelmed with grief.  What was wrong with me?”

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Tracey Escobar – The Red Couch Medium

racey Escobar is an advanced certified Psychic Medium with Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development. She has completed several rigorous programs with 3rd party testing as to the accuracy of her connections. She has attended the world-renowned Arthur Findley College in England several times to develop her gifts, and privately mentored with Colby Rebel. Tracey works with clients internationally from her home base in Dallas Texas. Tracey does private sessions, group events, and helps others develop their own spiritual gifts. Tracey is the author and creator of Messages from Above, a spirit guided oracle deck that helps you connect to your loved ones in spirit.

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Birds of a Feather

As the old English proverb says, “Birds of a feather flock together.”

The meaning of the proverb is that beings (typically humans) of similar type, interest, personality, character, or another distinctive attribute tend to mutually associate.

I think that is a great description for the fellow volunteers who we have met over the past couple of years through A Year to Volunteer (Y2V). It was no different for those who came together at our most recent Y2V project at the Raptor Education Group (REGI) in Antigo, Wisconsin.  Just like the birds that we would be helping for the next two weeks, our group of volunteers migrated from all over the country to land in Antigo.  We came from the north, south, east, and west to lend a hand to this amazing organization.  We were all from different backgrounds, yet all have the same desire to give back.  Many of us had worked on previous projects together, so we greeted each other with smiles and hugs.

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