My mommy and daddy told me that when we started living in the house on wheels, we would always be in 70-degree weather.

Well, they lied.

It is November, we are still in Pennsylvania, and it is cold!

Honestly though, I am ok with the cold, other than the fact that I must motivate my daddy to walk me more when it is cold out.  My daddy seems to have turned into a fair-weather walker since we have started living in the house on wheels.

He was upset because he donated all of his UnderArmour Cold Gear when we sold the big house.  He said to mommy, “I’ll never need this stuff again, we’re always going to be in warm weather from now on.”

Mommy said, “You may want to hang on to some, just in case.”

But daddy insisted he would not need it again.

Well guess what daddy bought a few weeks ago…

That’s right, UnderArmour Cold Gear!  A mock turtleneck, leggings, facemask, gloves, the whole works!

Honestly though, up until the middle of November, we had beautiful weather in Pennsylvania.  So, daddy can’t really complain, but he sure has been.  He starts to get really whiney when it starts to get cold.  I just say to him, “Suck it up buttercup and take me for a walk!”

When he listens to me, he does actually appreciate getting out and going for a walk, but boy oh boy, sometimes it really takes a lot to motivate him on those cold days.  There have been some days when we walked and it was like 28-degrees out in the morning.  You should have seen how bundled up he was on those morning.  He looked like Nanook of the North!  I personally don’t care how cold it is outside, I always have a big smile on my face when we walk.  I love the fact that I can still get out and walk and enjoy life with my mommy and daddy.  Walking them is one of my most favorite things to do.

So even though we missed this so called “70-degree curve” that mommy and daddy told me about, I am ok with it.  I still get to see Matthew every day and he gives me treats and bacon and lots and lots of pets.  He is a good petter, I think I said that before, but he’s such a good petter that I have to give him another shout-out!

We have been taking a bunch of walks though.  I really can’t complain about that.  Before it started to get cold, we were walking every day if it didn’t rain.  Daddy felt so bad that he didn’t take me on the Mammoth March with him and Rebecca that me and him and Keith took a 16-mile hike along the Schuylkill River trail from Union Township all the way to Pottstown and back.  That was one of my best days since we’ve been in Pennsylvania.  The weather was beautiful and I got to make some people smile too!  Daddy and Keith only slowed me down a little bit, they kept up with me for the most part.  Probably because it was a pretty smooth and flat terrain.  I was so happy that I proved to daddy that I definitely would have been able to do that Mammoth March with him.  As a matter of fact, daddy was moving slower at the end of the hike and the next day than what I was, so I once again proved that I am in better shape than he is!

I am still walking daddy as much as I can even with the cold.  He has had a really busy schedule and so has mommy, so that makes it even more important that I get them out for walks.  Walks help lower their stress levels and keep them healthy.  I want mommy and daddy to stay healthy so that we can continue to drive around in the house on wheels and explore all kinds of new places and meet all kinds of new people.  I also like when they go to different places and get me new and different yummy snacks!

We are going to be heading back down to the Dream Center in Texas soon and I cannot wait to get there.  I am going to get see some of my old friends and meet a lot of new friends too!  I am going to make so many people smile and happy while I am there.

Mommy and daddy should be happy because Texas should be warmer than what Pennsylvania is right now, but that isn’t all that important to me.  Mommy and daddy care a lot more about that 70-degree curve thing than what I do.

For me, whether it is cold or hot, sunny or rainy, windy or calm, as long as I am with my mommy and daddy, and there are people that I can make smile, I am a happy pup!