Month: December 2022

Beth Dana – Wellth Living

Beth brings a feminine, holistic approach to the, sometimes, masculine financial environment by creating a space of financial wellness and wholeness.

During her career in the financial industry, she recognized it being a very masculine, action-oriented profession, and the feminine, heart-centered approach was missing.

With her direct experience being in the financial industry, along with her own journey in healing her relationship with money, she wrote her first book ‘Make Money Your Partner: Your 30-Day Guide To Financial Wellness and Healing’ in 2019.

She makes financial education and planning for the future empowering and exciting, creating positive, tangible results through wealthy and healthy money habits, to begin living a financially conscious life.

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Nico Lagan – Entrepreneur on the Road

Nico Lagan is a men’s coach, an entrepreneur, a Muay Thai instructor, podcaster and sales professional. He strives to helps men achieve their personal legends by becoming strong men.

Nico grew up without the guidance of a strong masculine figure. It sent him on the search of a mentor. Not knowing what he was looking, he associated with and idolized the wrong men. His decisions has a teen to quit school and sale drugs lead him on the wrong path.

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Michael Mitreuter – Turning the Tables

Back in July, I sat down with Michael Mitreuter, co-founder and managing partner of MammothMarch to talk about his long-distance endurance hiking series.  At that time, I had just signed up to participate in the MammothMarch – New Jersey event.  I was fascinated by the entire concept of a long-distance hiking event, so I wanted to learn more about the inspiration behind starting the series.

The staff of MammothMarch got in me in touch with the man at the top and we scheduled the show.

I felt an immediate connection with Michael and was very comfortable talking to him.

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Danielle Matthews – This Moment

Although her body was physically impaired, her spirit was strong & she refused to believe their diagnoses. Her mind was determined to recover…and she did! Through the power of what she refers to as “Mind Control,” she attracted the mindset, techniques, and exact quantum healing technologies needed to fully recover. She has since built an international business, authored an e-book called ‘Mind Control’ and shares her life-altering experience with countless people around the globe.

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Rich Kozak – Impact Driven

Today, Rich’s companies, RichBrands and IMPACT DRIVEN Publishing, guide and activate individuals and businesses who are determined to make significant impacts on other people, to make their brand uniquely come alive, to build a strong platform for their business or personal brand, and to help them step into living their purpose.

Rich co-authored the best-selling book: ELEVATE: Raise Your Life and Business to a Higher Level,  the 2020 release:  IMPACT: Where Passion and Purpose Makes A Difference and the best-selling book just released in March 2021:  VISIBILITY:  Success Stories from Elite Leaders Making an Impact From the Stage.

Rich’s new book: IMPACT DRIVEN BRANDING:  7 Steps to Ensure YOUR Brand Impacts People’s Lives, and The World insightfully shares the process of Making Your Brand Come Alive and Attract, and it does it in step-wise, “How-To” content, just like Rich shares in his workshop intensives and his powerful online events.

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