In this episode of “The Journey of My Mother’s Son” podcast, I sit down to talk with Vanessa Rae.

Vanessa and I connected when we both spoke at a virtual event called, “Your Words have Power.”  The event was sponsored by Wendy Corner and each of our messages really resonated with one another, so we connected after the event and I knew that she would be a great guest for the listeners of my show.

Vanessa Rae is a modern renaissance woman who serves through various creative and healing arts capacities including sacred sound, holistic healing, transformational coaching, being a death doula, and a devoted mom. After healing her eating disorder, depression, and self-sabotaging patterns, she developed The Divine Body Align- a spiritual and wholistic program for women to liberate themselves from excess weight, dysfunctional eating, body/self-image issues, sabotaging patterns and negative loops- so others can be free, light and right at home in their own bodies too. Vanessa hosts The Divine Body Align podcast and YouTube show and will be releasing her book of the same name in Spring of 2023. She also performs and offers healing activations through her musical project Veruse.

However, Vanessa is so much deeper and more complex than her “bio.”  During our conversation, we talk about how society loves using labels and wants to put us all in a tidy little box, but that is not how humans work.  We are all very complex, mostly messy creatures with so many different interests and passions.  We are ever evolving and ever growing.

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