Month: February 2023

Marc & Tammy Hollander – Creating an Experience

This past January, I did a book signing at the campground, which allowed me to get to know Marc a little bit.  I loved their story and I loved their passion to make everyone’s stay at the Galveston Island KOA truly an experience that they’ll never forget.

Marc and Tammy’s story is inspirational.  Their initial charity work is what connected them to the KOA brand many years ago.  Their desire to want to help and give back landed them in a KOA in Central Florida helping to clean-up from hurricane damage, which eventually led them to being hired by KOA and now running a beautiful location in Galveston.

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Nick Chroscinski – Applying the Games Lessons in Life

Nick is another one of my former players who Sandy and I were blessed to be able to get together with on our travels.  Now living and working in Dallas, we were able to get together with Nick in late January.  We had to reschedule our initial time to get together due to a freak ice storm in the Dallas area, but fortunately, we were able to get together with him to grab lunch a few days later.

In the past, I had made it a habit to do a podcast with the players that we got together with during our visit.  Recently, I rethought that philosophy because I felt that it took away from our time together.  As I have mentioned so many times in the past, I have really started to understand the importance of being in the moment and felt that carving out time to do a podcast during our visits was taking time away from that moment of just being present and catching up.

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Anthony Amunategui – Shape the Journey

Anthony is the Founder of CDO Group, a National Commercial Construction firm. We built over 1 million square feet of retail space and working with some of the world’s largest brands. I have a true passion for finding out what makes people successful in business and in life. I love diving into conversations about what the future holds for us personally and professionally, and the adventures that shape the journey.

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Liz Wilcox – RV Tales, Business, Email, and More

I first met Liz back in May of 2022 at Justin Schenck’s Growth Now Movement Live event in Lititz, Pennsylvania.  We hit if off because Liz had been a full-time RVer for several years and obviously, Sandy and I are still full-time RVing.

Liz had starting blogging when she was full-timing and went onto write a book, titled, “Tales from the Black Tank.”  Anyone who has been RVing whether full-time or just a weekend warrior knows that there can be some fascinating tales from black tank, to say the least.

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