Month: March 2023

Dave Houser – The Financial Nomad

Dave grew up with great parents and a loving home right outside of DC on the Maryland side.
From a child though he never wanted to fit in or be like everyone else.
He spent twenty years as a college coach helping people achieve things that were once thought to be impossible.
However, he neglected facing his financial situation and became overwhelmed with everything so he began learning as much as he could how to take back control over where his money was going.

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Pratiti Pathek – Growth through Life’s Trials

She has gone through many challenges from being picked on and bullied as a young girl trying to fit with two different cultures.  She was a single mom and lost her 17-year-old son, Devan, 13 years ago. She knows what it takes to not only go through tough times, but she also learned what it takes to be resilient and draw on her inner strengths.

She hosts a podcast called, Unpacking Brain Drama, and that is exactly what she talks about. Her belief is that we think that obstacles are the thing that’s blocking our path, but obstacles are the path, we have to grow through what we go through.

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Allie Lacey – For the Love of the Game

Allie grew up in La Crescenta, California where she started her ball career at the age of 3. Following that passion to Crescenta Valley High playing 4 seasons of Varsity softball to Pasadena City College finishing off at Cal State Northridge where she capped off her playing career with a 2015 Big West Championship. She was also able to earn a bachelors in Physical Education. She later returned to PCC to coach fastpitch for 3 seasons before pursuing and completing her Master’s Degree in Sports Management from Louisiana State University.

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Vanessa Rae – Called to Make Music

Vanessa loves writing songs that share her true-life stories with her listeners. Inspired by many artists in the genres of country, gospel, and pop, Vanessa has a unique style all her own. Though Vanessa grew up loving musical theater and singing, it was not until recent years that she was ready to hop on stage and share her voice and songs. Being a native of the California Central Valley, Vanessa has played at several venues and events locally, including opening for Josh Turner earlier this year at the Visalia Fox Theater.

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