In this episode of “The Journey of My Mother’s Son” podcast, I sit down to talk with fellow traveling nomad, Dave Houser.

Dave and I were connected through a mutual friend, Lori Saitz.  We have both been guests on her “Fine is a Four-Letter Word” podcast.  She immediately felt that we would connect with each other because we had so much in common.  We were both coaches for long periods of time and are now traveling throughout the country in our own unique ways.  She was right, Dave and I immediately hit it off, so I wanted to get him on the show as soon as I could and share his story.

Dave grew up with great parents and a loving home right outside of DC on the Maryland side.

From a child though he never wanted to fit in or be like everyone else.

He spent twenty years as a college coach helping people achieve things that were once thought to be impossible.

However, he neglected facing his financial situation and became overwhelmed with everything so he began learning as much as he could how to take back control over where his money was going.

Fast forward ten years and the Financial Nomad was created to help people understand their finances.  Be in charge of their financial futures and building the flexibility to experience more life has to offer then get a good job with benefits and defer enjoying themselves until retirement.

His purpose to help bold individuals become financially free when passive income exceeds monthly expenses and build the lifestyle they want to live.

To find out more about Dave, check out their website at

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