Month: May 2023

Erin Whalen – Compassionate Coaching

In this episode of “The Journey of My Mother’s Son” podcast, I sit down to talk with Erin Whalen.

Erin Whalen is the Founder of Compassionate Coaching, which guides teams in the helping profession, especially bereavement professionals, to get through their days with more ease.

The impact Compassionate Coaching wants to have on the world is the following:

To restore dignity to the grieving and the dying,
and to help them feel seen and heard,
by filling the cups of, and providing communication tools to, those who serve them.

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Steve Gamlin – The Motivational Firewood Guy

What qualifies Steve to speak on Visualization, Vision Boards, Positivity, Motivation, Humor and ‘Life Comebacks’?

Simple: HE LIVED IT.

After blowing up his life (radio career, 1st marriage and financial stability) at age 35, Steve rose from the ashes (although he swears ‘his’ phoenix rides a pogo stick) to become a motivational speaker, stand-up comedian, author and more…inspired by 2 simple questions from a coach…after Steve spent an afternoon hitting golf balls in a thunderstorm, daring the lightning to hit him.

It didn’t, by the way…

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Krystal Hille – The Power of Storytelling

Krystal is the founder of Hill House Publishing and Inspired Relations.  She is an international speaker, bestselling author, and soul leadership mentor.

Krystal is enthusiastic about empowering individuals to fulfill their highest potential and she has always been curious about people’s motivations and why they do what they do.

The common thread through all has been to help the community as well as her clients – purpose-driven entrepreneurs especially in the personal development field, change-makers, and conscious creatives – to step into their zone of flow and claim the essence of soul leadership, so their passion can ignite global change.

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