Month: June 2023

Bonjour! I’m officially an International Traveling Puppy!

Bonjour means hello in French.  I learned that when we went to Canada this past week.  In Canada, they speak French and English, so I learned how to say, “hello” in French.

We went to Niagara Falls, and it sure was amazing.

But before I tell you all about Niagara Falls, let me tell you about what we did before we got there.

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Emanuel Rose – Inspired by Nature

Emanuel is the author of the new children’s book series, Wenaha Henry.

Wenaha Henry Seeds to a Tree is a truly lyrical and spirited tale that takes children on a beautiful tour of nature, coupled with vibrant illustrations and impactful storytelling that shows the unbreakable bond between nature and the creatures who live within its glory.

Wenaha Henry guides children through the Wenaha mountains and rivers, teaching them about:

The ecosystem
The importance of family
The value of generational storytelling

How our actions, both good and bad, intentional or unintentional, can have an impact on those around us.

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Jeff Butorac – Silencing Your Inner Rival

Jeff absolutely loved coaching basketball. He spent over a decade coaching high school and NCAA basketball…until the anxiety he had developed while coaching had turned into panic attacks that he couldn’t control and forced him to step away from the profession he loved and built his life around. Jeff knew that he couldn’t be the only athlete or coach that had this happen to him, so out of a desperate need for inner calm and direction, he started committing his time to learning everything he could about strengthening the mindset, resilience, fear of failure, confidence, willpower, and so much more.

Through his studies, Jeff learned that he, along with everyone else, has the ability to control the voice in their head (their Inner Rival) that so often is negative and holding them back from reaching their potential.

In his recently published book, Inner-Rival: Silence the Negativity Within, Jeff Butorac details the mindset solutions and emotional regulation necessary to mute the enemy within. It shows you how to take control and Silence your Inner Rival. You’ll find new ways to perform to your potential and enjoy peace of mind no matter the stakes. Jeff has put together numerous resources to prepare you for whatever battles are ahead. These simple yet actionable tools can be used daily by anyone looking for more inner calm and outer strength.

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