Niagara Falls was the start of our summer adventure, but we have all kinds of cool things on tap in the future!

Just like I was hoping, mommy brought some bacon out for me after her and daddy had breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  After we left Cracker Barrel, we went to do some laundry before heading to Knoebel’s to see Matthew and Rebecca.

As soon as we got the house on wheels at Knoebel’s, mommy and daddy went down to the park to find Matthew and Rebecca.  I stayed back in the AC in the house on wheels and I was totally fine with that.  It was pretty hot out.  Later that evening, Matthew and Rebecca came up to say hi to me.  I was so happy to see them!

Each morning when we were at Knoebel’s, I walked daddy down to the park early in the morning so that I could make all of the workers smile.  It worked, too!  Every person that I saw petted me and smiled.  I really made their day when I said hello to them.  It made their whole day brighter.

Wednesday was a really great day at Knoebel’s because a lot of people came up to visit me that day!  Matthew and Rebecca were still there and Jason, Rebecca’s boyfriend was there.  He actually came to see me on Tuesday, but stayed until we all left on Thursday.  But on Wednesday, Sherry, and Stephen, and Alex and his girlfriend, Kaylynn, and Lizze, and Stephie, and Lillian, and Lillian’s friend Kelsey all came to Knoebel’s just to visit with me!  It was an awesome day!

After Knoebel’s, we were headed back to Matthew’s house for the weekend before starting our next adventure.

I’m really excited for our next adventure!

We’re going to be headed to Colorado for a book signing tour for me and daddy.  I’m not 100% sure if I’m going to be able to sign with daddy, but I should be able to.  I’ve never seen the Rocky Mountains before, so I can’t wait to see them.  It’s going to be really exciting.  We haven’t been that far west since 2021 and I really loved seeing that part of the country back then.

We’re going to see four states this summer that we’ve never been to before since living in the house on wheels.  We’ll add Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, and Nebraska to our list.  That will make 44 states that we’ve been to since we’ve started living in the house on wheels.

But before we start to head west, we were headed south to Chincoteague Island in Virginia with Stephanie and Lillian for four days.  We got up early on Monday morning and started south.  Stephie and Lily followed us in their car.

Once we got to the campground, daddy said that he started getting eaten by horseflies while he was setting up.  It was so hot and humid in Chincoteague!  As soon as I would go out to go potty, it was like walking into a sauna.  I wanted to do my business and get back into the AC as soon as I could.

There sure wasn’t a lot of room in the house on wheels with Stephie and Lillian in there with us.  Lillian packed enough stuff to stay with us for a month!  I thought that maybe she was going to be traveling with us to Colorado or something.  But that wasn’t the case, she just packed for the four days in Chincoteague.  Her bag was so big that her and I could have both fit into it.  Daddy asked her if she had a body in that bag.  I soon understood why Lily needed such a big body bag for her clothing.  That girl changes clothes at least 12 to 15 times a day.  It’s such a process.  I was amazed that such a little human would wear so many different outfits in one day.  Daddy said that’s just what human teenage girls do.  Change clothes, Snapchat, and make Instagram reels.

Regardless, I loved having Stephie and Lillian with us, even if it meant tripping over her bag and giving up my bed for a few days.

It was so hot that I could only walk daddy for like a mile in the evening.  Even then, it was still really hot and humid.  Daddy would be soaked with sweat when we got done with our walk.

On Tuesday, mommy, and daddy, and Stephie, and Lily got up real early to go see the sunrise on the beach.  I wasn’t allowed to go to the beach with them because of the wild horses.  I don’t think that the people who run the park understand that I love horses, so I thought that I should have been allowed to go, but honestly, I was 100% ok with sleeping in.

When they got back from the beach, mommy made pancakes.  I got a big pancake all for myself!  I love pancakes almost as much as I love bacon.

During breakfast, they told me the story about how they started to walk down the lighthouse trail and were attacked by a swarm of mosquitos.  They said that those things were all over them even when they got back into the car.  Daddy said that it would be a miracle if he didn’t get West Nile Virus on this adventure.  Hearing this story made realize how lucky I was to stay back in the house on wheels as opposed to seeing the sunrise on the beach.  Some things just work out A-ok for me.

After breakfast, the girls went shopping and the boys stayed in the house on wheels to take a nap.  While me and daddy were napping, the phone rang a couple of times, but daddy slept right through it.  I was going to answer it, but then decided to just keep napping.

A little while later, mommy came rushing into the house on wheels and told daddy that he needed to wake up because Stephie’s car left them sit in town.  Luckily, one of Stephie and Eric’s friends, Randy was also in Chincoteague and he was able to get her car started and followed them back to the campground.  Now I know who was trying to call us during our nap.  However, I was trying to figure out why mommy and Stephie were calling daddy, that guy doesn’t know anything about how a car runs.  He’s the last guy that I would call for mechanical assistance, that’s for sure.  Luckily, Randy was there, but he was even stumped by the problem.  It was July 4th, so there wasn’t really much that could be done until the next day.

Lillian was very upset because she wasn’t going to be able to get to the beach now.  She was crying because the only reason that she asked mommy and daddy to do this Chincoteague adventure was so that she could go to the beach.  Lillian really loves the beach.  I love the beach too, but not the same way that Lillian loves the beach.  I’ve never cried when I didn’t get to the beach.

First thing in the morning on Wednesday, Stephie called a Ford dealership in Maryland to see if they could get her car running again.

As we were waiting for the tow truck to come and take Stephie’s car to the dealership, daddy went and rented a Moke to get them all to the beach and keep Lillian from imploding again.  A Moke is like a little Jeep looking thing, but it’s not a Jeep, it’s a Moke.  It runs on electric, so it’s really quiet.  Lillian was happy again that she was going to be able to get to the beach.  Mommy, and daddy, and Stephie, and Lillian drove that Moke all over the island.  They had a lot of fun and then when they got back, Lillian changed clothes again and her and Stephie went to take pictures of the sunset.

Daddy and I walked again and as usual, I got lots of pets on our walk.

The dealership got Stephie’s car fixed, but we were going to have to drive them in the house on wheels up to the dealership when we left on Thursday.  Boy was that an experience!  We had so much stuff in the house on wheels for that short 30-minute drive.  Between Lily’s body bag, extra chairs, coolers, and all kinds of other stuff, I never saw the house on wheels so full!  But I must admit, it was fun having everyone together.  I sat right between mommy and daddy like I usually do, but kept checking on Stephie and Lily to make sure that they were ok.

Once we got to the dealership, we had to unload all of their stuff back into Stephie’s car.

Now they were off to Duncannon and we were off to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.

We stopped for lunch at Hardees because Lillian loves Hardees.  After lunch, we said our final good-byes.  We won’t see them again until October.  That makes me sad, but I am still excited to see the Rocky Mountains and everything in between!

They followed us to Baltimore, where we got onto I-70 to head to Harpers Ferry and they stayed on I-695 to head back home to Duncannon.

We were in Harpers Ferry back in March and mommy and daddy really liked it, so we came back to the same campground.  There were so many things for mommy and daddy to do at the campground.  It was still really hot, so we were still in short walk mode, but that’s ok.  A short walk is better than no walk at all.

Once we get to Coopers Rock State Forest, I am hoping to take some nice long hikes.  The pictures that daddy showed from the internet look beautiful and I can’t wait to see it for myself.