In this episode of “The Journey of My Mother’s Son” podcast, I sit down to talk with JJ Barrows.

JJ is comedian, author, artist, and storyteller.

Being the middle child of a preacher’s family in the South, she always felt a little different, a little left out, and a little confused as to who she was “supposed” to be.

She would find out that she is a little funny, a little deep, and a lot more loved than she knew. Now, that’s what she wants for other people…to know themselves, love themselves and in turn extend that love to others.

She has found that using laughter is the best way to connect us all…no matter how different, we’re all awkwardly human just trying to do life.

She is a comedian and storyteller in many forms…through the written and spoken word, visual art, and video editing – all intertwined with the realities of life and the humor to get through it.

To find out more about JJ, check out her website at

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