Month: September 2023

June K. Collins – Momma You Don’t Heal

June K. Collins is a Master NLP Practitioner and Coach. In 2012, she lost her son, Kaleb, and found herself hitting rock bottom and not understanding how to rebuild her life without Kaleb in it. During this time, she found a passion with the mind and how individuals react to trauma. Through her own experience and education, she now helps other women rebuild and find purpose in their life.

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Liam Brown – Gaming Fan to Esports Executive

Liam Brown is a seasoned esports executive who brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to any podcast. With a background in player recruitment, management, sponsorships, and brand building, Liam has a deep understanding of the competitive esports landscape. His insights and strategies are invaluable to both fans and commercial professionals looking to break into the rapidly growing esports market. As a podcast guest, Liam is engaging and insightful, and is sure to take your show to the next level.

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Jason Curtis – Taking the Leap

Jason left the British army in 2015 after serving 6-years as an army physical training instructor. He had no savings but was extremely driven to succeed within the civilian fitness industry.

The initial 6-months after leaving the armed forces were financially the hardest, he had ever experienced.  Yet, the thought of failing was terrifying to him.

Things were really slow to start. However, he realized early on that many seemingly average individuals were part-time Weightlifters, Powerlifters and Ultra-Athletes, and these people wanted expertise. So, he took the approach of “Bringing Strength and Conditioning to the Masses.”

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Stacie Shifflett – Modern Consciousness

Stacie is the founder of Modern Consciousness® & Modern Consciousness Coach™

She is also:

Three-time International Bestselling Author
Certified ThetaHealer®
Certified Free-mE Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner™
Master Practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming
Professional Neuro-Shine Technology Coach™
Certified High Performance Coach™

She is an entrepreneur, writer and proficient student of life blessed with the gifts of insight, grit and optimism.

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