In this episode of “The Journey of My Mother’s Son” podcast, I sit down to talk with Dave Letterfly.

As a traveling artist, Dave Letterfly is the top producer of old school pinstriping, hand-painted lettering, gold leaf inscriptions and airbrushed imagery on motorcycles, hot rods, guitars, cake mixers and even top-shelf motorhomes. Writing fills every available moment.

Dave is quick to point out that everyone’s mixture of life’s challenges is divinely choreographed to help us discover our true purpose. Read on to find inspiration to overcome the obstacles of your life that really are the gifts that bring about one’s greatest transformation.

“The smartest thing I ever did was run away and join the circus”

The artist/author Dave Letterfly Knoderer is not only the guru of living an interesting life but is also an inspirational speaker ready to take you behind the scenes of the fascinating places discovered along the road of his life.

Today “Have brush will travel” is the top producer of old school pinstriping, traditional brush-painted pin-up girls, pictorials, hand-painted lettering, gold leaf inscriptions, pet portrayals, portraits and custom images of all kinds on motorcycles, hot rods, guitars, cake mixers, and other modes of moving fast at customer-dedicated Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealerships between Philadelphia and Chicago each summer. The Letterfly Pinstriping route is posted on a blog; so you can find out when the artist is going to be near you.

Perhaps the most amazing feature of this artist is his uncanny ability to visualize, develop and create images that have never been done before, along with the wide variety of styles of pinline designs, his oneness with eagles, wolves, horses, feathers, flames, military logos and countless other icons that make up the mainstay of his work.

The delicate nature of the hand painted pinline design is the result of years of practice and developing finesse with the ungainly, specialized brush. The creation of each motif is an exercise in good-natured meditation where the process becomes like play and the artist opens himself up to possibilities as each stroke occurs, only to discover the visual destination as the last connecting stroke is made.

During the winter months, extensive paint jobs and the fabrication of an endless variety of interesting things takes place at his home/studio/workshop called ArtPark, in Florida.  Lush garden pathways connect the shop, studio, RV parking and gallery situated in a quiet oak hammock that is a haven for creativity and a destination for RVers and bikers alike.

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