In this episode of “The Journey of My Mother’s Son” podcast, I sit down to talk with Karen Rudolf.

Karen was a career woman with great passion and enthusiasm for her job. This had led her to not only solve the problems she encountered during her job but also research on the lead cause of these problems.

‌Her zeal in researching the root cause of different symptoms she came across exposed her to a great burnout, while she also went through a divorce.

‌Having gone through something as huge as a divorce, which has re-shaped her to a state of self-evaluation, Karen decided to take a step back and reevaluate her life.

‌During this time, Karen studied world religion and discovered that compassion was a common thread among different religions. She also realized the significance of self-worth with the aid of courses in communication and coaching, as she navigated her divorce and fought for herself and her children in court.

‌Karen shares the importance of being bold and courageous with particular reference to her past life when she lacked self-confidence and battled low self-esteem.

‌Karen also talks about overcoming challenges, where she shared the story of her 72-year-old Mom, whose painting work lacked attention until it got its best audience from her doctor and nurses as she took them along for her medical checkups. Karen further shares personal experience of facing challenges and choosing not to give up.

‌Karen exposes how our bodies communicate with us and how listening is essential for self-ease.  She also exposes the culture of taking a step at a time and shifting perceptions in overcoming challenges.

‌Effective communication, self-reflection and giving up ego-driven stories are key to Karen’s work, as she aims is to empower individuals to live peaceful and fulfilled lives.

‌She shares her belief in positive affirmation and harnessing the power of the mind as ways of healing oneself. She further shares the inter-relatedness of intuition, empathy, and effective communication.

She emphasizes the wholistic approach of considering mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects in their work.

This journey was not just about self-re-evaluation, but about sharing her personal experience, spiritual growth, and need for effective communication. This led her to write the book – “Lead Magnet” while she also been featured in other books

And now she’s on a Mission to empowering other people to live a peaceful and fulfilled life.

Karen is a 3X Best-selling Author – Her works include

  1. Ignite the Entrepreneur
  2. Wickedly Smart Women
  3. 5 Ways to Create a Ripple

She has a unique technique called the Reengineering of Human Perception.

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