Month: November 2023

Daniel Packard – Anxiety Solutions

After, staying in an abusive relationship too long, Daniel ended up with severe anxiety and PSTD. After spending 10 years and $100,000 trying solve his anxiety he learned that a trillion dollars is spent globally on mental health, but not getting people in pain permanent results. Remembering what his dad told him, that ‘results matter’ and because he was trained in engineering school to know how to engineer solutions to complex problems, Daniel took a stand against the mental health industry and started his own research company with the goal to see if it was possible to reverse engineer a process from scratch that could solve anxiety permanently in a short period of time.

Daniel and his team were not therapists or doctors or psychologists.  They were not traditional experts, they were outsiders. Because they were outsiders, they were open to discovering what the experts had missed. Daniel and his team made the huge breakthrough discovery that even though the experts say anxiety is a problem of the mind, the research revealed anxiety is actually a problem of the body.

Based on this discovery Daniel and his team spent a total of 8 years, working with over 3000 people (from 5 continents) to develop, test and perfect an innovative 6-week program that in just 6 weeks solves all forms of anxiety permanently with an industry leading 90% success rate.

This 6-week program called Nervous System Reset has helped hundreds of individual clients but also over 3000 people at over 300 companies and universities all over the world.

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Ali Krieger – Flashback

Today I want to focus on that one women’s world cup champion in soccer, who I was not only blessed to interview twice, but also work by her side organizing and running soccer camps for a short time. Ali Krieger recently retired from a long and storied career in women’s soccer. At the International level, she was an Olympian and two-time Women’s World Cup Champion, who earned 108 caps on USWNT. At the club level, she played in Germany and Sweden as well a in the United States in both the W-League and the NWSL. She played for the Washington Spirit, Orlando Pride and NJ/NY Gotham FC in the NWSL.

However, the Ali Krieger that I came to know was so much more than just an incredibly talented soccer player. She was one of the most humble and genuine human beings that I ever met. She has a strong desire to use her platform to be a positive role model and give back to the next generation.

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Chris Miles – Money Ripples

Chris Miles started down the financial advisor path, but soon realized that his clients had NO hope of financial freedom investing in 401k’s and other mutual funds.

Chris left the industry to become a passive real estate investor and was able to retire when he was only 28 years old. Since then, he has diligently taught hundreds to do the same thing he’s done – become “work optional” where you have enough passive income to work by choice.

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