Month: December 2023

Darlene Greene – Take Charge of your Health

Darlene Greene has over 26 years of experience in executive leadership and senior management positions across diverse industries, including positions such as: Vice President of Strategic Technology Partner at McAfee (Intel), Dean of Culver Girls Academy, Director of Client Services for HyeTech Networks and Security, and Senior Director LifeWave Foundational Cell Activation Technology.  During her 20 years of military experience, she earned her MBA and held three Commanding Officer positions, including serving as base commander and overseeing over 1200 personnel.  Darlene created the Returning Warrior Weekend Workshop in 2006 to help military members and their spouses reintegrate successfully – a program still supporting military across the country today. 

Darlene’s passion today is helping people elevate their GHK-CU peptide to activate their stem cells, repair their DNA, reverse age, and get out of pain through the latest photo biomodulation technology.

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Alex Sanfilippo – Service First

More importantly, Alex is a man of faith who truly puts service to others, specifically his customers before his bottom line.  A view that is very uncommon in today’s version of “me first” capitalism.  His model of success is one that other companies should follow.  When you truly put customers and reliability of your product, the profit will follow.

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Nikki LaCroce – The Need for Human Connection

Raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Nikki made a long-awaited move to the west coast in 2017.

It wasn’t long after that Nikki realized relocating was only one of the big changes she needed to make in her life. After spending a decade working in tech, Nikki found herself lacking a sense of fulfillment and made the decision to start therapy in an effort to unearth her purpose.

In early 2021, Nikki experienced what she now refers to as her “personal Armageddon”, as she left a decade long abusive relationship and simultaneously was faced with the unexpected loss of her mother amidst the peak of the pandemic.

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Mindy Aisling – One Person at a Time

Mindy Aisling is a professionally trained and board-certified life, authenticity, and entrepreneur coach. is a passionate and dedicated authenticity coach who has made it their mission to empower individuals and inspire transformative change. With a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of human potential, Mindy brings a unique blend of expertise, compassion, and unwavering support to guide clients on their journey toward personal and professional fulfillment.

With over 13 years of experience in the field of personal development, Mindy has honed her skills in helping clients overcome obstacles and unlock their full potential. She have successfully supported individuals from diverse backgrounds in areas such as career transitions, relationship building, self-confidence, mindset transformation, and goal achievement.

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