A few weeks ago, I re-released one of my old Stepping Up to the Plate episodes as a tribute to Ali Kreiger and her recent retirement from professional soccer.

In this week’s episode, I will again reach into the archives of the old Stepping Up to the Plate podcast series and re-release two episodes that I did with a dear friend and mentor, Russ Herbein.

Russ lost his battle with cancer on Thanksgiving Day.

He and I were the co-founders of the Spring-Lawn Optimist Baseball League, which served as the spring board to the formation of the Berkshire Baseball & Softball Club.

These episodes were originally recorded in January of 2014, just before Berkshire Baseball & Softball Club rebranded into the BIG Vision Foundation.  The episodes were hosted by my old producer, Toni Reece.  We talk about how some conversations at work led to an organization that at that time had made an amazing impact on its community for over 25 years.

I wanted to re-release these episodes in order to emphasize Russ’s legacy and selfishly as a way for me and others who loved him, to hear his voice again.

Russ was the type of person who always saw potential in people that they didn’t see in themselves.

For me personally, he convinced me to speak publicly for the first time and encouraged me to enter into leadership positions as a very young man.  Something that I really didn’t think that I was qualified for, yet he believed in me and encouraged me to take the leap.  Before I was 25 years old, I served as both a club president and Lieutenant Governor within Optimist International.  I never would have entered into those roles if it wasn’t for Russ believing in me and seeing potential that I didn’t know existed within myself.

I hope my listeners enjoy this episode and get an understanding of the amazing human that Russ was.

To Russ, Rest in Peace, my friend, we’ll see you on the other side.

Click on either of the links below to listen to the conversation: