In this episode of “The Journey of My Mother’s Son” podcast, I sit down to talk with Aaron Solomon.

Aaron is a comic, podcaster, and DnD and Esports enthusiast. He grew up in Orlando Florida where he played soccer through the end of high school and graduated from UCF with a Bachelor’s in Integrated Business. Then, around 2020, he and his then-fiance took a leap of faith out to Salt Lake, Utah to have a season of growth. Now, after 3 years in the deserts, snow, and mountains of Utah, he’s returned to Florida to continue his pursuits in comedy, content creation, and make the most of his home state. You can find him online as Aaron “Church” Solomon and you can check out his improv show 3 DMs and a Tale, his DnD show A Wrathful Rhapsody, & his interview series The Jailhouse Parlor Podcast all on YouTube and wherever you listen to your podcasts.

The Jailhouse Parlor podcast is a long format (Joe Rogan style) show.  One of the things that Aaron and I speak about during the show is how much we have both benefitted from having genuine conversations with our guests.

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