In this episode of The Journey of My Mother’s Son podcast, I sit down and talk with Emma Rowena.

Emma Rowena is a musician, performer, intuitive reader, healer, meditation guide, and emerging social entrepreneur, helping people find peace, purpose, and healing in their lives.

Emma was born in the UK, grew up in Norway, and has lived in Cuba and the USA. With her bilingual and bicultural heritage, Emma never felt quite at home in one place – she always felt more part of the greater world, and the years abroad helped her connect to her energy and colours. Inspired by her music-loving, piano-playing father, Emma studied to be a classical pianist. For nearly two decades she made her living teaching children to play the piano, and performing with some of Norway’s most renowned singers and soloists.

Motherhood became a transformative journey for Emma, leading her to embrace her healing and personal growth. She is now a certified intuitive reader, healer, and Theta healing© practitioner. Combining her love for music with a passion for the well-being of the younger generation, Emma envisions a healing center for children and youth, enabling them to discover their unique expression and developing solutions for a better, more sustainable and compassionate world.

Her insights are shared in her book, You. Me. And All That We Are: Unveiling Your Life’s Beauty and Magic. A Mother’s Heartfelt Letter to Her Son. Emma engages with her audience both online and in person, meditates, cooks, and finds solace in nature with her dog, always seeking the next step in her journey of helping, healing, and creating a better life.

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