In this episode of the Journey of My Mother’s Son podcast, I sit down and talk with Matt and Grace Grooms of The Golden Road.

Dan, Sandy, Grace, and Matt at Sebastian Inlet State Park.

Sandy and I met Matt and Grace back in December at Sebastian Inlet State Park in Florida as they were on the home stretch of their second walk across America.  I had found them and started following them on Instagram back in February or March of 2023, just as they were getting ready to embark on their walk from Maine to Key West.

Their first walk across the country, back in 2020, took them from California to South Carolina.

In between the two cross-country walks, they took a short little stroll, only 486 miles through the Rocky Mountains on the Colorado Trail.

One of the things about Matt and Grace that drew me to them, wasn’t just about the long-distance walks, but that each of the walks had a philanthropic component to it.  As a person who loves to walk and hike, and also came from the nonprofit sector, this was all very intriguing to me.

They choose a nonprofit organization to raise money for during each of their walks.  Time in a Bottle, Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary, and Elevate Youth have been the beneficiaries of their walks so far.

To find out more about Matt and Grace and what they’re doing with upcoming walks and other adventures, check out their website at

To find out more about each of the nonprofit organizations that The Golden Road has supported during their walking adventures, please check out the links below:

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